Eyebrows raised, question-mark smile, rethoric question asked “Lebanon?” “Single or with family?”

As indicated in my previous post, we planned to spend summer in Qatar by among other travelling to cooler countries. Ignoring any travel warning/advice from US, Australia, we went instead to Lebanon!

No, no, no…Im not a party animal, nightlife seeker, or summer beachgoers (I’m more than tanned already :). I am a history, museum, culture and scenery buzz.

So, this 5-night, 4-day effective trip was spent to explore not only Beirut, the capital, but also entire Lebanon: North, South, East, North East. Driving a rented car exploring narrow streets that snaking around up and down the mountain & valley, lost by GPS in the souq, struggling with traffic and pocket parking, take the best picture in the scorching heat, enriched with history and religion diversities, not to mention delicious Lebanese cuisines.

I will be back with as usual travelogues, but let me complete a critical mission tasked by company to facilitate major risk assessment this week. Stay tune!


3 thoughts on “Lebanon!”

  1. Salaam… When i read on the paper that lebanon will be open for GCC residents of any nationality, i thought the wahyu family will be invading that country in time. And so i was right! =]

    Waiting for your next blog entry.

    1. Hahaha….you are so true! However, I didn’t utilize the offer, I pre-obtained Lebanon visa here in Qatar to save time and avoid hassle on arrival.
      I am working on photos and blog right now …..thanks for visiting.

  2. Serius nih pak bisa dapet visa on arrival kalo kita kerja di GCC ?…asyikkk…soalnya payah bgt kalo harus minta NOC ke perusahaan…lebih baik ngantri dah…

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