6 Days in Lebanon – Part 4

Day 5. Thursday, 14 July 2011. Sidon, Moussa Castle and Deir Al Qamar are our today’s destination. They are all in southern Lebanon. If Sidon is by the sea, Deir Al Qamar is in the mountain.

Sea Castle and Musee Du Savon become our highlights in Sidon. Other interesting objects such as Khan Al Franj, Grand Mosque, and Debbane Palace were skipped and just passed by.

Sidon is also known as Saida in Arabic, and it is the birthplace of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Approaching Sidon - 40km south of Beirut
Sidon's Corniche. Sea Castle can be seen at the far background
Sidon's Sea Castle just got served!
The castle was built in 1228 on top of the ruins of Phoenician temple

Sidon has been a major coastal city for at least six millenia
Musee du Savon
This is where soap production started. The huge vat where the basic ingredients of soap are mixed
The guide demonstrated how to make cutting marks on soap layer
Musee du Savon is managed by Foundation Audi
Sidon Souk, on the way to Musee du Savon
Khan Al Franj - the main center of economic activity of Sidon until 19th century
Moussa Castle. Moussa is a Lebanese businessman who as a schoolboy was influenced by the medieval period and dreamed of building a castle of that era with his own hands. Caught daydreaming or drawing castles in class, he was beaten by his teacher, mocked by his classmates and by Saideh, the love of his life. He leftschool and worked. In 1962 the foundation stone firstly laid. The castle now complete, every stone having been cut and laid by Moussa himself (source: Globe Trotter).
Moussa Castle - no photography allowed inside
Moussa in school being trashed by his teacher (photography is not allowed this the only picture I've got)
Moussa Castle
Deir Al Qamar or the Monastery of the Moon, short distance from Beiteddine. This is Midan, the public square which was once the jousting area. The Mosque of Fakhr ad-Din I stands onthe side of the square. To the right of mosque are souq and Palace of Younes Maan
Deir Al Qamar
Midan Square - Deir Al Qamar


Midan Square, another angle
Back to Beirut, our last night in Lebanon was spent tasting another Lebanese cuisine such as Falafel sandwich. It turned out that the street parallel to Hamra St, Baalbek St., hosts many eateries not to be missed.
Falafel Barbar at Baalbek St, is worth tried
This sumptous falafel sandwich can be had for only 2$
Day 6. Our last day in Lebanon :(. Our flight is at 11.45am and therefore not much we can do in the morning other than preparing for take off to Doha. Nonetheless, I managed to have a short morning walk to Rue Bliss, American University of Beirut.
American University of Beirut
Rue Bliss, American University of Beirut
Before check-out, Lavender Home Apartment
Sad but we must depart 😦
Bye Bye Beirut!

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  1. salam, i’m a msian living in dubai. i enjoyed reading all your postings on lebanon. been there twice, n i LOVE barbar’s shawarma! really juicy, n i love the sauce they use 🙂

    1. Wow..twice..there must be something so special of Lebanon for you…but indeed it’s very nice country. Thanks for visiting my blog

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