Cafe Ceramique

One of the activities my kids doing during their summer holiday was becoming an artist – for a while – painting ceramic at Cafe Ceramique. Part cafe, part artist studio, the cafe offers an artist experience. The overall experience can be summarized into: choose, sketch, use, paint, leave and own.

When we enter the cafe, (2nd floor, opposite iD Design, of The Mall), for the experience, we were  directed to an inner hall, our studio. First we were asked to choose our piece we wish to paint from the hundreds of bisque designs. These range from simple box or plate to more complex figurine. The price will also vary, for example, the elephant and figure that my kids chose priced 68 and 65 QR respectively.

A selection of raw ceramiques - ready to paint
Before and After

Then, the cafe staff  assisted us in our painting experience and brought us the necessary material (mat, paint brushes, paints, color palette, water and tissue). While waiting for my kids played their imagination and creative minds, I sipped hot coffee and surfed the net from wifi available for free. The coffee is not that good though.

Painting starts
 Cafe Ceramique’s website as well as painting mats offers painting technique to aid first timer realize their imagination perfectly.     
Faiq is busy with painting his elephant 🙂
Fathan's figurine after painted - ready to firing

Once my kids finished painting, the staff took their pieces to the production area where it will be glazed then fired. Upon payment we were given a receipt on which all relevant information noted including the pick-up date for our finished ceramics. Unfortunately, it took a week before we can see our masterpieces.

Below is the masterpiece 🙂 It looks totally different than when we left it. Glazing and firing must be responsible for it.

After firing