For all the good things: yet another night dune trip

This night dune trip on 15 Sep 2011 was special for many things. First, we celebrated, we thanked God, for all the good things among us:

  • Some of us have received an SMS (probably the most awaited sms) from Hajj Committee for the successful application of Hajj. Meaning that they can Insha Allah go for Hajj pilgrimage this year. Mabrook.
  • One of us has “graduated” from Qatar, back to Indonesia, to assume a higher position and comparable remuneration in a similar industry. Hmmm…Again, mabrook.
  • One of us has just been promoted. Mabrook

Second, it’s a combined trip among night fishing, dune bashing, and camping. Third, due to graduation of our “Head of District” a handover to new Head of District is required. And this handover was arranged to take place in this trip at our special location: District Office of Rock Island. Rock Island – also unofficial name – is where our unofficial Head of District based for his almost weekly fishing spot. 

Don’t be puzzled with all of of terms. Those meant to naturalize Inland Sea areas with Indonesian contexts.

Almost 30 cars participated in this trip, divided into 3 different departures: 5pm for those want to early fishing, 10 pm for majority of participants, and 1 pm for those having night shifts.

Two big Arabic chicken and lamb khabsa plates are our special menu.

Overall it was a trip full of laughters amidst tears to see our friend leaves us. As he  emphasized during his departure notes, it was a hard decision, it is friends like us and frequent trips with all its friendship bonds and togetherness that incriminating him. Wish you luck with your new endeavor Bro!

Farewell Party at Dune
Our special menu: Arabic chicken and lamb khabsa
Strike! Fishing at Rock Island
Sunrise at Inland Sea near Rock Island
Our Rock Islands on the water border of Qatar and Saudi Arabia
Our fishing spots at "Head of District Office" 🙂
Catch of the Day!
Inauguration of our new Head of District
Handing over a "sacred" green fishing rod signifies the transfer of position 🙂
Those attending night fishing trip
Ready to go back to Doha, rock islands as a background
One of the view of Inland Sea along the road back to Doha
Another view passing dried sabkha
Met with the authority owner 🙂
..and suddenly we were so photogenic LOL
Nice dune formation so inviting

4 thoughts on “For all the good things: yet another night dune trip”

  1. 4 Jempol buat pak Wahyu dalam meracik kata-kata yang dipadu gambar yang fantastik. Namun sayang foto saya tidak ada disana …:)

    1. Rock Island (not official name) is situated at inland sea at the border of Saudi and Qatar. It is not accessible but can be seen from shore. Coordinate: 24 38′ 10.90″N 51 24′ 02.08″E

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