Schengen Visa Application through French Embassy in Doha



Since December the 11th 2013, visas applications for France are being collected in Qatar by the Capago-MENA company.

If you need an appointment please register on the Capago-MENA website, HERE.

Some of the following descriptions may no longer be applicable.

Please consult French Embassy website and Capago-MENA website for more details.


I’ve just applied a Schengen Visa on 27 Sep 2011 through French Embassy in Doha. This is my third application (the first and second applications were in July 2010 and Feb 2011 respectively) and I find no changes in visa requirements (at least for business trip purpose) and processes, except for slight changes in visa form and visa fee to suit with current exchange.

Different embassies may apply different Schengen visa requirements and processes so requirements and processes here may not be generalized (for example: Germany Embassy in Doha requires that anyone planning to travel to Germany, Finland, Norway, Slovenia and Austria to apply Schengen Visa through a (WorldBridge) Schengen Visa Application Centre in Al Sadd, Doha)

As per French Embassy – How to get visa? website, the required documents for a short stay or transit visa :

  • Visa application form duly filled in and signed by the applicant,
  • Two applicant’s recent passport size photos WHITE background  (Personal Note: from Googling I came to know that passport-size photo for French Embassy is 3.5cm x 4.5cm)
  • Copy of the passport and of previous Schengen visas
  • Bank statement (last 3 months) showing salary transfer
  • Copy of flight booking (round trip)
  • Copy of hotel booking or of the « attestation d’accueil » stamped by French authorities
  • Copy of travel insurance covering all medical expenses and repatriation up to 30000 € (Personal Note: For Qatargas employee and his/her dependents, just get an insurance certificate from HR)
  • Copy of the invitation letter from the company in France in case of business trip

Non Qatari citizens have to attach also:

  • Copy of the resident permit
  • A letter from the sponsor showing clearly the monthly salary, the position in the company, the purpose of the trip, the starting date and the duration of the professional contract. This letter must state to guaranty the return of the applicant to Qatar after the trip

Please bear in mind that:

  • Original passport must be shown when applying for a visa
  • In order to take fingers prints and picture (new biometrical procedure), every applicant over 12 years must submit his own application.
  • Administrative and security process before answer varies from a nationality to another and can reach 15 days. (Personal Note: Being an Indonesian, it takes 10 calendar days)
  • Separate application form must be filled in for children; regardless of their age and even if they appear on their parent’s passport.

French Embassy requires that applicant makes an appointment online throught its official website. Nevertheless it’s not followed strictly. Once submitted all the required documents to one of the two counters, I was asked to pay visa fee and have finger prints taken and then given a slip. I shall come back in 10 days time to submit the original passport. Afterwards, visa (pasted on to passport) can be collected within the same day at the soonest or two days maximum. At the time of application visa fee is 60 Euro (paid as 303 QR).

French Embassy in Doha:

West Bay, Diplomatic Area, keep on “Al Corniche” following the Sheraton Hotel.

French Embassy, PO BOX 2669, DOHA, QATAR

Phone : (00 974) 4 402 17 77, Fax : (00 974) 4 402 17 01, email :

The Embassy is closed on Friday and Saturday

Opening hours to the public :

consular section : 8h – 12h

visas section : 8h30 – 10h30

Map – Coordinate: 25°19’48″N   51°32’12″E

Visa section is located on the basement. Mobile phone is prohibited to bring in. Leave it at security post.


Schengen Area

The Schengen Area comprises the territories of twenty-five European countries that have implemented the Schengen Agreement signed in the town of Schengen, Luxembourg, in 1985. The Schengen Area operates very much like a single state for international travel with border controls for those travelling in and out of the area, but with no internal border controls.

The Schengen rules were absorbed into European Union law by the Amsterdam Treaty in 1999, although the area officially includes three non-EU member states—Iceland, Norway, Switzerland—and de facto includes three European micro-states—Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican. All but two EU member states—Ireland and the United Kingdom—are required to implement Schengen and, with the exceptions of Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Romania, have already done so. The area currently covers a population of over 400 million people and an area of 4,312,099 square kilometres (1,664,911 sq mi).

Implementing the Schengen rules involves eliminating border controls with other Schengen members while simultaneously strengthening border controls with non-member states. The rules include provisions on a common policy on the temporary entry of persons (including the Schengen visa), the harmonization of external border controls, and cross-border police and judicial co-operation.

Whether a passport or an EU approved national identity card is required for identity checks done at airports, hotels, or by police, depends on national rules and varies between countries. Occasionally, regular border controls are used between Schengen countries.

To know all countries where Schengen Visa is valid, click Wikipedia – Schengen Area.


49 thoughts on “Schengen Visa Application through French Embassy in Doha”

  1. I am planning to visit Switzerland with family for 10days.I want to apply for visa from Qatar-Doha for myself+wife+1 girl(6&half yrs)+1boy(12 &half yrs).What is the procedure?
    My friend is sending an invitation letter for us from Switzerland.
    Please guide me about the documents required & where to approach & which embassy.
    What is the duration required to get visa!
    Please reply urgently.

    1. Hi Patil, never been to Swiss, believe that because they are part of schengen agreement you may apply to any schengen visa countries.

      1. Hi good morning,just to know my quiries how to apply schengen visa,we will visit France,Italy,Spain.I’m here in Doha,Qatar,work as Nurse, I’m with my husband ,a 12y/o and 5y/o,please what are the requirements that we are going to prepare/secure,please guide us and thank you in advance…

    2. Hi Mr.Patil,
      How did you manage to get Swiss visa ? I am looking for Swiss tourist visa for my family in Qatar, similar to your requirement.

      Appreciate your feedback

  2. just a quick question.what if there are no more available dates for a particular month?can an applicant go to the embassy as a walk- in?them, not being strict with booking an appointment, will it be possible for me to be accommodated then?i have a very erratic schedule so i wasn’t able to set an appointment with fault, but i hope not having an appointment is not the end of it.thanks in advance!

    1. You may want to try go-show, but again those having appointment will take priority.

      1. Pak wahyu,kalo applied di french embassy trus tujuan utama spain…itu ntar smpe spain di tolak gak sih?makasih

  3. Hi Pak Wahyu,
    I tried to show up at the embassy this morning with no luck. Basically, the appoitment scheduled on 26th July (booked bout 10 days ago!) and our flight is on August 1st. Called and they say to call back on sunday morning. My question is, stated the process takes 15 days? and now seems like a busy season for them. Just concern we dont have enough time, and I am the only one in my family who need visa! Sigh…

    1. Recent experience my friend had three months back was only two working days. However, with so many application for summer rush it may be delayed. I can only suggest that you change your application to other schengen countries embassies such as Netherland (only 3-4 working days)…but they need proof of booking in Netherland.

      1. Thanks for the speedy response.however, we had purchased return ticket to paris as our main destination, eventhou we would travel other countries in between. Understanding the nature of Schengen visa, thought we have to apply from the first entry? Last time I went to Amsterdam embassy, they rejected a guy who wanted to go to Greece. Anyway, just hope for the best 🙂 and wish me luck! Thanks again.

  4. Oh, I’ve tried to go back to my online appoitment. Yes I can reschedule but it doesn’t show any ealier date than July 26th and what’s worry me is… the pop out window says someting like “if you change means you are cancelling the current date?!”. Any thoughts?

    1. Changing means you nullify the previous appointment and need to make a new one. That’s true. France Embassy is experiencing surge of applicant. AS my friend’s recent experience shows no appointment available until around 29 July. You may consider changing to another schengen embassy (i.e. Italy, Germany or Netherland).

    2. the latest available is Aug 5… I think your flight for Aug 1 would seems impossible, re book it on Aug 17 and so will have some flight ..:))

    1. Hi Luz, I will try to call them on sunday.Thanks for the heads up.. but the date you mentioned does not appear on their online system. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  5. Hi Wahyu, I am planning to visit my father in Paris, France. Do I need the same requirements? If my Dad will send me an invitation letter from Paris, what other requirements do I need? BTW, I am 22 years old and not a minor 🙂 Thanks a lot.

  6. Hi Wahyu, thanks for your blog! information are realy of great help to us in getting all the requrements needed. My husband & I are going to Sweden, we have Invitation ”Inbjudan” form sent to us by our European friend. We will visit Paris first for 3 days before going to Copenhagen then to Sweden. Do we need to submit individual requirements or only my husband will submit? Our interview will be on August 2. Your suggestions and advise will be much highly apprecaited. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Fe,
      You need to submit individual application.

      As per France Embassy website:
      •In order to take fingers prints and picture (new biometrical procedure), every applicant over 12 years must submit his own application.
      •Separate application form must be filled in for children; regardless of their age and even if they appear on their parent’s passport

  7. Hi ,
    I’m a Filipino national leaving in Doha, I recently travelled in UK, I want to apply a schengen visa,could yu tell me what are the procedures?


    1. Hi Dennis, the blog you’re reading is about schengen visa application in French Embassy in Doha. For other schengen countries you may refer to particular embassy websites

  8. What if after getting a schengen visa through invitation from germany and my company did not renew my contract or i resign from my company can i still enter germany with a cancelled residence permit before going to my origin country?

    1. Hi Linda I don’t have a valid answer to this situation. I think that visiting country is more concerned on valid visa whereas residing country on valid RP. Better check other reliable sources.

  9. HI im a pilipina national leaving here in paris france .I want to invite my sister to visite me here in paris what can i do i send invitetion or she apply for her self; thank and more power

  10. Good Day ! My name is Arthur , filipino working here in Doha . My relatives is inviting me to travel in Vienna,Austria for a 1 month vacation .. i still don’t have any idea where and how to apply for a schengen visa. they will be sending an invitation letter and some documents to be presented to the embassy. could anyone help me on this matter? thanks you and god bless…

  11. HI there

    I am trying to get a multiple entry visa because I will travel a lot but only my first trip is scheduled (ticketed etc) Is it better to apply for business purposes or sightseeing? Do they usually issue multiple entry visa?

  12. hii guys i am planing to travel to swiss with my employee i work for his company in Doha and he have a valid schengen visa issued by France embassy in Doha so can you please tell me whats the requirement and how to write the latter from employee thanks

  13. Hi ! Im in Doha Qatar and one of my friend in France Inviting me to come their. how can i go from qatar. he will send me a sponser letter. how can i do that .plz help me to find that.
    Thanks ! Joy

    1. Hi Joy, the same process as outlined in the post can be followed. Have your friend write a letter in French, send it to you, complete all requirements and head up to the embassy 🙂 Let me know you still have questions

      1. Hi ! tx for the reply. im in employment visa. do I need to show any bank statements coz this is my 1st month here. so is their any problems to apply for the visa.i haven’t Qatar bank accounts I have only SriLanka bank account. Is it ok ???????????????????/
        If i tell my friend to send me a letter .what kind of main things he need to mention for that letter.
        please let me know.
        Thank You ! Joy

  14. Me and my family are planning to visit my relatives in geneva, switzerland this coming april 2013. My relatives in switzerland will send invitation letter here in qatar. Now, i want to know what are the required documents need to be provided in applying visa, which embasssy here in qatar shall i process this matter, what is the procedures need to be follow, to whom i can address the invitation letter and how much it will cost the visa if we stay there 21 days?

    Our kids ages 7 and 12 years old.

    1. hello sir,i wish to know is it possible to obtain a schengen visa to austria for a conference on concrete in house building, because my sponsor intend sending me for further research to the conference as a representative to his company,what is the cost,the length of the visa and time taken to process it and the requirements .

  15. Hi is it possible to book a ticket Doha-paris then then return is from brussels to Doha? Would it be valid for my application?

  16. Hello I have business visa in Qatar my question is, is it allow to apply for schengen visa?

  17. I am planning to visit France for 15 days. What is the procedure? Please guide me about the documents required & where to approach. What is the duration required to get visa? Please reply urgently.

    with regards


    1. Hi Ibrahim. The procedure is clearly explained in the post itself. Please read it clearly and let me know the part you don’t understand. As a summary you need to prepare required documents as listed in the post, make online appointment, and then submit your documents. Normal processing time is 10 days but it may be shorter or longer depending on the situation at that time.

  18. May I inquire if I will be denied of Schengen Visa because of my bank statement is came from the internet and that my bank account is from Philippines but I am working here in Qatar. If yes, Please advise alternative measures to get Visa.

    I am Filipino, 29 y/o, and working in JGC Corporation in Ras Laffan for Barzan Project in Qatar.

    I plan to take tour package through travel agency but flight ticket will be provided by my company.

    Plan date of travel: Nov 8 – Nov 22 (travel date inclusive)
    Country to Visit: France, Italy, Greece
    Purpose of visit: tourist

    Appreciate your response.
    Thank you

    1. I don’t think it will get denied especially because you are travelling through travel agency (tour package). Nevertheless, visa grant is solely their right.

  19. Hi everybody,

    I booked a flight ticket and hotel to France (for 18th oct 2013) and I tried yesterday to ably an appointment in the French embassy (visa section-online) BUT the nearst appointment will be on 18th Sep 2013!!!
    The problem I will not be in the country in september to follow the procdure in the french embassy….I have found a closer appointment from the German embassy (Visa section) so my question : can I apply a schengen visa to France through the german embassy!!

  20. Very helpful blog!

    We had a visa appointment on Sept. 26,2103 for me, my husband and my 1 year old son. Should we bring along our son on the said appointment?

  21. Salutation,iam here inquire if a cameroonain can obtained a french visa or schengen visa in qatar after accomplishing all formalitise in place and travell directly from qatar to france,on the otherhand can a cameroonian obtained a french visa here in doha and back to cameroon before travelling to france their mother or colonial country without any obstruction from french visa policies cameroon or cameroon civil aviation authority?.

  22. Sir/Madam,I appologise for my obmissions in my above metioned request.what I meant is this can I obtained my french visa in qatar after respecting all the norms and travell direct to France.without passing via Cameroon or I must go.back to cameroon before travelling to france,if fortunately for me iam granded with visa and I decide to travell first to cameroon before then cntinue for my vaccation in francec with my visa be regarded appropraite by my aviation authority or french embassy in yaounde cameroon in case of any inconviniences.thank you,merci

  23. I am Pakistani, 39 y/o, and working in QATAR Last 11 year. I am planning to visit France (Paris). Italy, Germany & Netherlands for 60 days. What is the procedure? Please guide me about the documents required & where to approach. What is the duration required to get visa? Please reply urgently.

    Best Regards


  24. Hi There,


    I am a Filipino Citizen and planning to visit europe, is there any minimum salary required for a tourist?or as long as you are employed and expenses are paid and with complete documents to be shown?

    Thank you,

    Yusuf Solano

  25. Hi i am a Filipino working in Qatar, i’ve been invited by my brother to visit him in Sweden, my papers are almost complete, but have no idea if the French Embassy will grant Schengen visas for me and my family should we book an appointment thru them, please, i need an advice….Thank you abd God bless…

  26. I want to go france on question is if any person/company/sponsored may be want to stay suppose to be like 5 yrs which type of visa is required and I want to go from here Doha-france any one can tell me if it possible

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