Cloudy with little chance of sunshine

Been a while not writing a single post. Busy with Train Shutdown and acting Head. Then here I am now stuck in Paris for a week-long HAZID (Hazard Identification) and QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) Assumption Registers and Failure Case Definition workshop for Laffan Refinery 2 Project. The weather for the last 4 days I am here has been mostly cloudy, with little chance of sunshine. Temperature is around 15-18 C during the day and 5 -10 C at night/early morning. People have been observed starts wearing winter weatherproof/windproof outfits.

Occupied with the above meeting I don’t have much time to explore Paris this time: no Eiffel visit, no lost to Musee du Louvre, no shopping marathon. Good!

But hey, I have a plan to take a one-day excursion out of Paris. Where? Stay tuned!

Have a nice weekend.


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