Suddenly 4

Suddenly I have 4 boys at home. How come?

Two are my sons, and another two are just coming in to our home two days ago. Adoption? New born twin babies? Wrooooong!

They are my friend’s sons. As their parents are going for Hajj, they are mandated to us during their parents 17-day long Hajj pilgrimage. For many in Qatar, mandating their kids to friends is one of the options. Other options include sending their kids back to Indonesia under parent’s or parent-in-law custody, or have parents/parents-in-law come to Qatar.

When I and my wife were on Hajj pilgrimage in 2009, we sent our sons back to Indonesia. Unfortunately, the kids would miss almost a month of school period for which I sought permission from their school and arranged homework for their away from school period. In 2010, we were also mandated with taking care our friend’s mother who was coming to Qatar to look after his kids. Though his mother and sons didn’t live in with us, we made sure they were well catered should the need arose for transportation, going to doctor, to supermarket or simply going for day out.

Approaching the day my friend’s sons would come to my home, my sons was excited. They kept asking when their friends would come. They have been friends for a year now, living in the same compound and go to the same school. So mingling is not an issue. They are now sharing the same room, working their homework together, competing in games, and sharing the laugh.

Meanwhile, as the guardian, we learn our special guest’s traits and habits before they join, and keep in touch with their parents constantly.

Don’t worry our friends! Just keep focus on your pilgrimage. Insha Allah your sons are on the safe hand.


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