Is certification worth pursuing?

I recently obtained a NEBOSH International Technical Certificate for Oil and Gas Operational Safety  after challenging a-week-long course (conducted from 3pm-9pm last Ramadan) and a 2-hour exam (on the first day of Eid Al Fitr!), passing it with Distinction Mark (71 mark, with minimum passing grade of 45). The certification covers the principles of process safety management in the oil and gas industries.

The question is “Is it worth pursuing?”

In my class at that time were a personal health trainer who wanted to switch career, a security supervisor who wanted a better pay, safety trainers, a mechanical technician who demanded by his client for certification, and auditors whose clients are oil and gas companies. So getting certification has many reasons. Unfortunately, many seems perceive certification as a powerful shortcut of getting a job.  Obviously having it is better than not but it is one’s experience and personal skills that makes one the best person for the job. Passing certification doesn’t automatically make he/she an expert and experience still need to be gained.

This is what I truly gained from the certification process. Almost 13 years of experiences in oil and gas industries (not only in safety) shaped me, loaded me with necessary competencies to perform in this field. Certification is then becoming a means for selling point or added professional image to the current company or potential employer. Passing an exam is not that difficult as long as you examine all previous exam questions and prepare variety in questions (I am afraid that passing certification means simply someone “knows” how to answer exam questions, unfortunately). Those with more than 10 years of field experiences in oil and gas industries should not expect much knowledge gain from this NEBOSH ITC for Oil and Gas Operational Safety . To me, this certification is more suitable for employees who are new to the field, or those are in the early career in the field.

As a user company employee frequently working with contractor personnel loaded with many certification, I should make myself more aware the first point in this post about experiences, skills and expert.

Nevertheless, I am glad to be certified and will pursue another certification: Certified Function Safety Exoert (CFSE) and Certified Safety Professional.

Back to the question, “Is certification worth pursuing?”

May be.


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