Miss many and more …

December this year is quite strange for me. Unlike last year, I missed many big events, loss of interest to catch them, and have a big feeling of ‘it’s okay to miss them’.

Overwhelming workload (being alone in the Section for others out of the office) during the period of World Petroleum Congress forced me to skip it, though I had one ticket already. Then, next big thing is Arab Games Opening Ceremony. I’ve bought tickets long days before the D-Day, then an offer I couldn’t resist: outing to Fuwairit for fishing and camping, with all best friends. And again I more gravitated towards friends than ceremony. I knew Arab Games might be a rare opportunity while I am here, but.

Arab Games in itself is becoming unreachable for me. My kids love to see gymnastic but we can’t simply afford to do this.

To add to the list is Doha International Book Fair. Skipped.

And now with my mind already gone to Indonesia, as we’ll have vacation backhome this weekend, Qatar National Day 2011 celebration is an easy skip. Not a single event was attended nor plan to be attended. We missed Darb Al Sai, we will miss National Parade, we will miss Fire Works.

Winter has brought bad things. Seems all good events dumped into very narrow time slot that you’ll need to carefully schedule or miss entirely, like myself.

The only guilty feeling reliever of December is that I can attend a gathering in Dukhan Beach for alumni association of ITB (Bandung Institute Of Technology), this Friday afternoon.

However, the real reliever comes about a day from now when Qatar Airways flight to Jakarta touch down Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Welcome to Indonesia. *Yipee*

Happy National Day, Qatar!

Happy New Year 2012 to all of you! See you in 2012….you’ll see me quite off until then


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