Gone Fishing

I never like fishing until I found that it is not the fishing itself that is interesting but whatever around it.

To me, I thought fishing was wasting time, throwing your bait then wait…wait…wait…until poor, unfortunate fish attracted to your bit and ouch ..hooked! And it is a kind of deception, isn’t it. That’s why I don’t like it.

As time goes, I started to like offroad while in Qatar. When we went for night dune bashing, the morning after is always fishing time for most of my friends. I just watched them, tried to understand what joy fishing does bring. Many of my friends are fishing maniac; they bought boat, went fishing every weekend: in Al Dhakira, in Simaisma, and in Inland Sea.

My father-in-law is also a fishing maniac so maniac that whenever he sees a pool of water, he retorically asks himself “Is there fish inside? He never persuades me to like fishing but when I express my interest in buying fishing tools he can’t hide his enthusiasm. So here we go, I bring along a fishing kit from my last vacation.

Last weekend was my first fishing lesson. First, throwing bait, rolling up, throwing, rolling up. I didn’t get any fish yet, nor heaps of enjoyment. But at least I started, though I am thinking that may be watching them doing fishing amidst laugh, jeers and jokes can’t be more jollifying.

I don’t know.

Fishing amidst fog, at Rock Island, Inland Sea
After quite some time, I joined night dune bashing and morning fishing
..when stuck is no longer a shame nor frightening
Jeep thing you won't understand
...and tire slippage or out of place is just another lesson learned

6 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

    1. Yes. We basically inflated it but prior/during inflation we made sure that no grains of sand on the tire tim otherwise leak occurs. We learned from similar experience that while inflating we should pour water onto rim edges

  1. hi wahyu,
    i would like to visit Inland sea,i have 2006 pathfinder but i dont know how to reach there,need ur valuable advice for GPS cordination,route map,deflating & inflating tyres & things to be taken & things to keep in mind while driving in sand dunes(or do we have option to avoid the sand dunes to reach inland sea)

    1. Hi Prem, you can take your car to inland sea. I could go with my Outlander although heavy dune bashing may need to be avoided. Some coordinates are below:
      MoE Camp 24°33’38.10″N 51°20’28.80″E
      Coast Guard area 24°39’9.51″N 51°25’52.78″E
      Rock Island 24°38’13.28″N 51°24’5.96″E

      You need to start from Camel Ride area adjacent to Sealine Beach Resort. With GPS aim at 24°51’34.67″N 51°29’36.17″E
      This is a start of pretty flat area with only few small dunes to pass. Aim to reach Qtel Tower 1: 24°46’56.59″N 51°26’57.06″E then to Qtel Tower 2 (garbage bin) 24°40’54.81″N 51°25’4.47″E, just before Tower 2 you can turn right to MoE Camp or go ahead from Tower 2 to Rock Island or Coast Guard. Please check Google Earth, plug in the above coordinates and make many waypoints in between main coordinates. It is advisable that you don’t go alone into Inland Sea. By googling you may find many techniques for sand/dune/desert driving as it is too much to be detailed here. I hope this helps you a bit. Let me know if you have any question

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