Weekend without malls?

I noticed that for couple of weekends recently I spent them accidentally without going to malls. Hmmmm…. so it’s possible, it’s doable to spent weekend without them. These weekends-without-going-to-malls are worthy exercise as those big attractive red banner hanging everywhere (read: SALE) – how do you know then? – inviting unnecessary spending 🙂

In fact, it’s no that difficult to pass the weekends without malls. Last weekend for example, I went for night fishing and dune bashing Thursday night till Friday morning, then went for gathering in the afternoon. On Saturday, I spent the whole day with my kids, playing board games, rearranging their toy rooms, and reading. This weekend, another example, I spent reading on Thursday night, went to Al Khor for photo hunting in the morning of Friday, visited a friend in the afternoon till evening. On Saturday, lingered the whole morning and then went to Corniche till late afternoon.

So, it’s possible.

Next big thing is a weekend without TV and then without internet? Is it doable?

I’ll let you know.