I think I rather like summer

Blame it to Siberian cold wave that cold(er) weather becomes talk of town. The sudden dip to mercury down to 4 deg C  triggering wave of status in social network sites. Friends posting X deg C at Y time complete with pictures of mostly temperature indicator of car is not uncommon. Meanwhile, all busy with keeping their body warm.

Basically, Qatar’s climate can be summarized into: arid; mild, pleasant winters; very hot, humid summers. Note pleasant winters! So when it’s colder (average low temperature in January is 13 C)than it is used to be, like now, then it becomes “unpleasant’ winter to some long time Qatar resident or those from tropical countries 🙂

The lowest my car has recorded outside temperature

“I think I rather like summer”, said my son. “We can escape from the heat but not cold”

My son wearing headgear to go to school