Car Inspection in Al Wakrah

Today, I took my Outlander for inspection for annual istimarah renewal. Unlike before, this time I chose FAHES vehicle inspection point in Al Wakrah. No specific reason except that the inspection point is easy to find, and the inspection itself is well-known for its quickness.

The site is located at ground in front of Hamza bin Abdulmotaleb Mosque (a grand mosque you’ll see on your right when driving from Doha to Messaied on Wakrah – Messaied main road). The mosque is about 300m south of the famous Pearl Roundabout.

Knowing from other’s experience that inspection line can be long during Saturday morning, I made myself hit the road at 5.35am from home. Arrived there at 6.05am, you know what, I was already on the 21st spot, the best I can get. Not long after, line after me quickly filled up. By 7.05am when the inspection started, the queue was probably around 40 cars. (Note: some said that inspection during weekday or Saturday afternoon may be less crowded).

And yes, I had to wait for about an hour before the inspection started. Fortunately I came prepared with hot tea to beat cold winter, newspaper and Android tablet to kill the time, and a pack of snack – fearing that inspection is gonna take so long.

Snaking around the entrance, car-by-car was inspected very quickly. It took less than 5 minute per car to be inspected, which includes technical and legal checks. Prior to go to inspection bay, car owner must register his/her car in registration office (brown building), just next to inspection bay (blue building). Inspection fee is QR75 cash only.

Finished with inspection, I went to registration office to get inspection result. My car failed in Tint/Film on Windshield Film a part of  Legal Requirements. No worry though as  I could seek waiver from a standby Police Officer, who don’t bother to check my car windshields. By 7.40am all was done. The rest is a formality for istimarah renewal with insurance and Traffic Dept.

This was 6.15am and inspection line has been this long (Al Wakrah Vehicle Inspection. Hamza bin Abdulmotaleb Mosque (left) and small brown building is registration office, blue building is inspection bay (right)


Vehicle Inspection in Al Wakrah. Brown building is registration office, blue building is inspection bay.


25°10’26″N   51°36’21″E (click link to take you to Wikimapia) 


11 thoughts on “Car Inspection in Al Wakrah”

  1. Hi,
    After how many years of purchase you have to take it for technical inspection? As I bought my Pajero in 2008 and till now just getting it registered normally without any technical inspection. Thanks

  2. Nice Post dude.
    Really useful.

    Even I love to Share my experiences like this but I dont get words to express myself properly.

    Keep it up….


  3. This post is very useful, thanks for sharing this information. I want to ask do I need to make an appointment, and do I pay first before queuing behind the cars as shown in your picture?

    1. The inspection does not offer an appointment service. When you are in the queue, as you approach registration office 3-6 car away, a security man will approach you and ask you to show your istimarah. He then will give you a registration number (laminating card). Leave your car, Go to registration office, pay QR75 and back to your car to wait for your turn.

  4. Please say more about how the seek waiver from a standby Police Officer part of this works? Who to ask and what is anything is required? My inspeciton just failed for something small and silly so I would like to get it waived if possible.


  5. Hi sir i would just like to know if the cop who waives off any failures is available on Saturdays. or in the evenings and where in the evenings. if possible for you to know thanks

    1. The one in Al Wakrah is available on Saturday until noon. Not sure with other inspection sites.

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