Zekreet – Film City Revisited

Visited Film City at Zekreet Peninsula for the third time. This time, acted as a Road Captain, I went with ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) Alumni Association, Chapter Qatar. Twenty three cars (including two sedans) and around 80 people were in a tow.

Being a Road Captain was quite a burden especially with a task to find a sedan-friendly route. Unlike two visits previously, I used the east route (first time) for inbound route to Film City and West-Central route for outbound route from Film City.

*I’ll post a complete route and via-points coordinates (if time permits)*

The east route was started from the first intersection after turn-off from Dukhan Highway. Instead of going straight to Zekreet we turned right to an abandoned asphalt road (it’s probably a diversion road while Dukhan Highway was in the making), drove along fences, then underneath high voltage power towers until (about 3.9km from the intersection) finding obvious wide track to the north. The rest was following this dirt rocky track, passing fenced shooting range, short ‘highway’ near the beach where the surface was smooth, meeting many ‘rock mushrooms’ formations then finally reached Film City. It turned out that there is a route from Zekreet village that connected with this east route just outside the fenced shooting range.

FIlm City doesn’t change much but I think it starts deteriorating. At nearby green patch film crew or may be TV production crew was taking some film shots. Meet Film City Guard who very welcoming to us. Nice gesture with tips will surely help the guy who brave enough living and guarding the city in the middle of nowhere.

On the way back, we stopped by at Mystery Village for lunch, which was originally planned at the nearby beach but already occupied by local winter camp portacabins. From Mystery Village we took a West-Central route passing some plains before turning right approaching beach then Zekreet Village.

We mustered at Zekreet Beach near village but unfortunately very long low tide saw the beach loses its appeal. We adjourned after a brief meeting about the way forward for the alumni association.

Film City
Film City
Film City
Film City
My kids with Film City Keeper
Say hi to me 🙂
Windows at Film City
ITB Alumni Association
Mystery Village
This hut-on-mushroom is probably the famous icon for Mystery Village

10 thoughts on “Zekreet – Film City Revisited”

  1. mas wahyu, by the way beudoin tuch apa’an yah. punya kasetnya sich. en, apa ada info vacancy untuk posisi document control (maaf ni, nylewar banget komentar ama prolognya)

  2. Wahyu, You mentioned there were 2 sedans in the trip….they made it throughout the journey? I’m driving sedan & planning to go there. Pls advise.

    1. Yes, they made throughout the journey both west and east routes. If you want to go there, make sure you pick flat tracks or those which don’t cause much ground clearance issue with sedan. West road i think more preferable for sedan. Good luck and trip safe!

      1. Thanks Wahyu. Went there yesterday and no issue with my sedan….only thing had to drive really careful and slowly. Used the above West route but lost few times because could not find the tracks. There were tire tracks all over the places and had difficulty which one to follow.

        Thanks for your info. Had a wonderful trip yesterday.

  3. Yes, I did use my GPS but it shows straight line between checkpoint (maybe it’s time to upgrade)

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