Route Map to Film City – Zekreet, Finally!

Finally, I completed a route map to Zekreet amidst busy work schedules and life events. So here we go….

Hope that you won’t ever be lost again

A rough route guide to Film City. Best printed in A3 size and used alogn with GPS and coordinates listed below

Film City               25 34’41.61”N 50 50’46.65”E

Mystery Village 25 35’02.72”N 50 50’16.30”E or 25 35’11.67”N 50 50’10.29”E

Zekreet East Route

Point ZE1             25°27’37.73″N    50°53’41.80″E

Point ZE2             25°29’19.20″N    50°52’24.33″E

Point ZE3             25°29’42.34″N    50°52’24.92″E

Point ZE4             25°29’53.91″N    50°52’32.64″E

Point ZE5             25°29’57.73″N    50°52’41.83″E

Point ZE6             25°30’6.25″N      50°52’50.98″E

Point ZE7             25°30’32.28″N    50°53’3.34″E

Point ZE8             25°31’41.68″N    50°52’19.00″E

Point ZE9             25°32’37.88″N    50°51’58.91″E

Point ZE10           25°32’49.75″N    50°51’47.44″E

Point ZE11           25°32’52.41″N    50°51’46.21″E

Point ZE12           25°32’54.37″N    50°51’44.42″E

Point ZE13           25°32’58.68″N    50°51’44.52″E

Point ZE14           25°33’6.50″N      50°51’41.89″E

Point ZE15           25°33’15.20″N    50°51’43.03″E

Point ZE16           25°33’27.41″N    50°51’37.25″E

Point ZE17           25°34’15.76″N    50°51’7.70″E

Point ZE18           25°34’24.67″N    50°51’5.89″E

Point ZE19           25°34’31.65″N    50°51’1.38″E

Point ZP2             25°34’40.04″N    50°50’58.14″E

Point ZP1             25°34’49.00″N    50°50’40.42″E

Zekreet Connecting Route West to East (from Zekreet Village)

Follow ZC1 – ZC65 then remaining East Route

Point ZC1             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Point ZC2             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Point ZC3             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Point ZC4             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Point ZC5             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Point ZC6             25 29’07.83”N 50 50’58.71”E

Zekreet West Route

Zekreet Mosque 25°29’11.43″N 50°50’48.41″E

Zekreet Fort Ruins 25 29’24.3″N 50 50’40.0″E

Point ZW1           25°29’34.71″N    50°50’38.91″E

Point ZW2           25°30’17.73″N    50°50’11.68″E

Point ZW3           25°30’50.86″N    50°50’7.68″E

Point ZW4           25°31’12.31″N    50°50’34.24″E

Point ZW5           25°32’9.68″N      50°50’47.09″E

Point ZW6           25°32’26.45″N    50°50’53.54″E

Point ZW7           25°33’6.25″N      50°50’43.15″E

Point ZW8           25°33’29.21″N    50°50’32.31″E

Point ZW9           25°33’58.73″N    50°50’28.76″E

Point ZW10         25°34’16.09″N    50°50’22.15″E

Point ZW11         25°34’33.99″N    50°50’12.67″E

Point ZW12         25°34’54.57″N    50°50’11.33″E


22 thoughts on “Route Map to Film City – Zekreet, Finally!”

  1. Hi.. Thank you for the map.. Im really new in Qatar and just to clarify, we have to take the Dukhan highway in order to get to Film City? We are living near the airport.

    1. Thanks Priya. Yes you need to take Dukhan Highway in order to get to Film City. From you area you may want to consider taking D-Ring Road to Shamal then turn left at Al Rayyan Interchange (4-level interchange). This leads you to Dukhan Highway

      1. Hi, So sorry I just saw your reply. Thank you. However, we are aware that it is best to travel there by 4 wd than saloon car. Will plan it next time with a larger group. I asked one tour operator and they said if there are 200ppl only then they will go as there is nothing else to see/do there and would set up tents! I’m interested in Sheikh Faisal’s Museum though. Have you been there?

  2. Hi Wahyu, Could you advise if it would be possible to take a sedan to the fort ruins & the village? And if there is a beach close by for a quick swim?

    1. It’s possible to take a sedan however careful drive is to be exercised so as not to bog down your car into soft sands

  3. Thank you for the map and all the details! I went there last week with a GLK and it was just fine. Followed your west route, point by point, and we did NOT get lost! What a beautiful place! Thank you so much!

  4. Hi!

    Can this be done on one day with return to Doha city? Or we actually need to set up tents and stay there.

    1. Yes. No need to set up tents and stay. You can even do this in a half-day trip from Doha. Normally it takes 45 min from Al Gharaffa to exit to Zekreet then another 30-60 min to reach Film City depending on number of cars in tow and stops. Have a nice visit!

      1. It will be my first time, no experience.

        One car only. Hummer H3. Is it suitable? as I heard no dunes or chances to get stuck are very little!

        Just got the car and wanted to try it somewhere off road.

        Any advice?


        Great blog! Became follower few months ago! I enjoyed reading your muscat trip!!

  5. From your point ZW4 you can see Richard Serra’s enormous steel sculpture. That’s as far as I dared to get without a 4×4. Thanks for creating this.

    1. Thanks for the info. I think I should check Richard Serra’s sculpture. It’s been a while.

  6. We drove this route yesterday and we stopped to see the Richard Serra sculpture. Many thanks for taking the time to put this together and post it where others could find it.

  7. Hi Wahyu, can you tell me if there is a coastal track from ZW3 up to where you would head East to Mystery Village. I think it seems there is when I zoom in Google Maps? Tks.

  8. Hello, can you tell me if there is a coastal road from ZW3 to where you would head east to Mystery Village please? It seems there is when I zoom into Google Earth. Thanks.

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