Windy and dusty…

Qatar experiences strong dust winds over the past three days (may continue until the next two days). Reduced visibility, dusty surfaces, and strong wind as a result, are not unusual for desert country Qatar.

Amidst busy events, we re-consider some planned activities outside for fear it may impact our respiratory health.

Hope the strong dust wind get calmer soon….


Doha's West Bay skyline is engulfed with dust storm


View toward Al Sadd/Sports Roundabout from Al Rayyan Interchange


Strong dust winds Doha experienced for the last three days


View towards Doha's City Center Mall area


The dusty wind leaves its trace

5 thoughts on “Windy and dusty…”

  1. Hi, I’m always fascinated by your photos. It’s really more of a journalistic style. What camera do you use? dSLR or Compact one? Thanks keep on posting.

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your compliment. I just use Canon PowerShot G12 – a prosumer camera.

  2. dear Brother

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I am going to umrah in late march via Qatar airways from uk .When you went umrah did all passengers umrah and non umrah arrive at international terminal in jeddah or hajj terminal ? was there sepration ?

    jzk Talha

    1. Waalaikumsalam.
      All passengers arrive at the same terminal, international terminal.No separation. However if you use Saudi AirLines you will arrive at South Terminal. Budget airline such as flydubai they arrive at hajj terminal. Hope this clarifies.

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