Five before Five

Last weekend, I was suddenly sick…suddenly because I was feeling totally okay in the morning of Friday but then soon after Friday prayer I was feeling a bit fever as soon as I slipped underneath blanket :). The fever continued and worse until the next morning. To make it worse I lost my appetite in eating. My wife drove me to one of the Indonesian restaurants in Doha, aiming at improving my calorie intake. But it didn’t help. Thanks anyway my honey.

Thanks God condition’s getting better in the evening (after vitamin intake, proloooooonged sleep and traditional medicine), and feel much, much better on Sunday morning.

I try to recall what may cause me falling this weekend. Was I too exhausted? Was I lack of sleep? I have to admit that I rarely do exercises but I keep tight control in balanced diet, I don’t smoke. I shall take exercise more seriously I guess…yalla Wahyu get sweating!

Perhaps it’s a kind of reminder what The Prophet (pbuh) said about five before five:

The Prophet (pbuh) said:

“Take benefit of five before five: your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free-time before your preoccupation, and your life before your death.” (Hakim)


4 thoughts on “Five before Five”

  1. Dear Mr.Wahyu
    Thank you very much for your good information in your website.
    I hope you feel better now.
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    Also I’m searching for living facility especially for children and I know there is a Nursery School in Alkhor but I don’t have any figure that start time and ending time in Nursery school is match to working time in Ras Laffan or not? Or is there any facility for employed ladies who have small kid?
    Would you be so kind to inform me about it?
    And would you please keep this email as private?
    With best wishes for you and your family

  2. Salam Wahyu,

    Dari sebelum saya datang dari Doha hingga sekarang saya membaca blog saudara. Very informative.

    Harap kita dapat berhubung.

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