Bumbu Bali Restaurant

Update 5 Nov 2012:

Apparently Bumbu Bali moved to new location. Please call 55715792 for more info.

New location is as attached below:

25.23365°N 51.55744°E

New Bumbu Bali Doha Location

Visited Bumbu Bali (Ind. literally means Balinese spices) restaurant this weekend. This newly opened restaurant adds to a longer list of already established Indonesian restaurants in Doha* (see below).

Bumbu Bali is located at B-Ring Road, on the ground floor of Mannai accommodation building (along with Toyota spare parts store, an optical store and Akbar Travels of India), just one block after Handasa Building and before Teyser Petrol Station, if you are driving from Jaidah Flyover towards Airport Road.

Bumbu Bali Restaurant

The restaurant itself is not that big, but nicely decorated. On the ground floor are two 4-seat tables, a cashier desk and kitchen, while upstairs are six 6-seater tables, three 3-seater tables, and a toilet/washing facility. The 6-seater tables area is designed with Arabic bedouin style sofa. The only reminder that this is an Indonesian restaurant is its big gold-brown open umbrella just near stair top landing.

Bumbu Bali Restaurant – upstairs

Though it bears Bali’s names, two Balinese dining menu out of 10(?) ones were not available, at the time of our visit. We ended up ordered standard Indonesian cuisines: Gado-gado (Indonesian’s vegetables salad served with a peanut sauce dressing), Sate Ayam (chicken skewer), Baso (meatball soup), and Iga Bakar (grilled ribs). All are prized at QR15.

Our orders do not take long to come, less than 10 minutes. Gado-gado come first followed by Baso. Bumbu Bali gado-gado come with looked-fresh vegetables and sweet peanut sauce dressing plus traditional crackers. Peanut sauce tastes good if not too sweet. Portion is sized enough. Baso is to me quite average, but its sambal (chili-based sauce used as condiment) makes it better.

Bumbu Bali’s Gado-gado

Nothing special with Sate Ayam. Iga Bakar come last. With three ribs cuts, a bowl of Thai rice, slices of cucumer and tomato, and, yes, sambal. This sambal is what differentiate Iga Bakar to Western grilled ribs. Two ribs cuts have enough meat I can enjoy with. Chili-soy sauce seems penetrated well into the meat. Dab the rib into sambal, put it on top of sticky Thai rice, and you’ll understand why I can’t describe this. Again, I feel sweeter taste in this menu, perhaps because I’m East Javanese (used to salty-chili)? I’ll need to mention that arriving restaurant with the right hungry level, taking such a good dinner only to find my last rib cuts were end, that’s really gastronomy contentment interruption (to exaggerate 🙂 ) at max. Two are not enough. The third rib cut is unfortunately bone only 😦

Bumbu Bali’s Iga Bakar

Overall, Bumbu Bali has some prime menu to be proud of. Coupled with excellent and attentive waitress service and fast serving, it iseasily  recommended. If Bumbu Bali can just downsize its sweet level, that would be much better!

Bumbu Bali, 25°16’29″N   51°32’14″E (phone: 4432 6080, open 10.30-14.30, 5.30-21.00)

*Other Indonesian restaurants in Doha:

1. Central Restaurant, Umm Ghuwailina, 25°16’46″N   51°32’50″E

2. Minang Restaurant, Al Asmakh St., 25°16’52″N   51°31’55″E

3. Restaurant Jakarta, Ibn Mahmoud St., 25°16’56″N   51°30’53″E

4. Griyo Solo, Al Wakrah, 25°10’16″N   51°35’52″E


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