Dine at Height – Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant, The Torch

Dine at Height at Three Sixty as we turn 12 🙂
Turning 12

We turn 12 this March. Ah…time flies. 12 years ago we tied the knot, and here we are today.

Three sixty restaurant – the first Qatar’s revolving restaurant – at The Torch Doha Hotel is our witness in commemorating our 12.

No children please.

Indicative cost:

Aqua Panna 1L, 30QR

1 Onion Soup, 36QR – recommended

1 Caesar Salad, 60QR – recommended

1 Australian Lamb Fillet, 150QR –

1 Veal Scallopini, 160QR

1 Apple Crumble, 38QR – recommended

1 World Cup 2022 (mixed juice), 32QR

[see the following pictures of the hotel, restaurant and the food]

The Torch Doha Hotel is built on what used to be 2006 Asian Games's Aspire Tower
The Torch Hotel - Lobby Area is decorated with Arabic calligraphy
Three Sixty Restaurant is located on the 47th floor of the tower
A complete rotation at Three Sixty takes about an hour and half. Seen here Khalifa stadium and Al Waab St.
Free basket of bread to start with
How they name this juice World Cup 2022, I don't know
If I were to return back I would definitely be back for this Cesar salad
Veal Scallopini
Lamb fillet
apple crumble for our dessert
Overall, though view from the floor is not optimum, Three Sixty may be in one of your top restaurant lists. Personal service is fine but quite on the slow side, it has excellent cesar salad and dessert. I'd skip or carefully choose main menu.


5 thoughts on “Dine at Height – Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant, The Torch”

  1. OMG. For pineapple juice – the garnish, nanas sak kulit-kulit’e……………….nice F&D nice place but……….ayup-ayupen……..tenan

    1. Yang saya tahu begitu Bu..tapi saya sendiri belum pernah coba :). Mungkin ada baiknya ditelpon dulu sebelum ke sana?

  2. tq for your great guides
    tell me where we should dine for our anniversary – nice, romantic, not too pricey but tasty food; asian, western , middle-eastern, doesn’t matter
    prefer to avoid licensed outlets serving alcohol

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