UAE Driving Trip 2012 – Travelblogs in Waiting

Fiuhhh tired…but alhamdulillah we safely arrived at home after a 7-hour driving trip from Abu Dhabi as part of the last driving section of the whole UAE Driving Trip 2012 (6-11 April 2012).

So, we’ve got lots of pictures, invaluable memories, nice experiences, short escape from routines ….. all waiting to be put in writing. Be patient as I recover from drive-lag 🙂 …. amidst to go back to office for a full-day HAZOP meeting just one day after arrival.

There are many updates on the border processes, stories from new places not visited before (Liwa Oasis, Mezaira’a Fort, Moreeb Dunes, National Auto Museum, Jebel Hafeet, Al Ain Oasis, Hili Fort, AL AIn Zoo, Hili Archaelogical Park, Ferrari World, Emirates Palace, Heritage Village, and many more…)

[travelblogs in waiting. recovery & life resetting mode]


5 thoughts on “UAE Driving Trip 2012 – Travelblogs in Waiting”

  1. Hello dear Wahyu Family. I am truly looking forward for your story about this travel. My wife and myself are recent Qatar residents (Jan.2012) and some searches on the web made me find your blog-site. I immediately found it so very interesting and extremely well done (you are a good novelist…) that I subscribed for updates, of which this one is the first to receive. I am happy to hear you are doing well, and still so courageous and taking time to maintain your blog-site. My comment is to support you for doing so and to witness that it is really read and used by the viewers.
    The 1st thing I had in mind, even before arriving in Qatar, and which I promised myself to do is indeed to make a tour from Qatar to UAE and Oman. Thus you can imagine how pleased I was to find your so much appreciated experiences and documented travel stories.
    Thank you very much and also your famiy who will have to ,iss you for hours / days when maintaining and updating your wonderful site !


    1. Hi Rob, welcome to Qatar. And thank you for your so encouraging words…..I’m pleased to hear that this site is useful for readers. Will be back soon with updates

  2. Hi dear Wahyu family. I am beyond words to appreciate your kind work of sharing such valuable information with such intrinsic details. I think even if someone is paid to do what you are doing, they cant be as good as you. People with passion like you make this world a better place. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Shams. That’s really very encouraging. I just want to share the experiences

  3. hi wahyu family. when i first came thru your travelog i find very informative that from time to time i open your site to see your recent blogs. i came to qatar 2 years ago and i had planned to explore oman and uae to enjoy landscape and discover different cultures and heritage sites. i appreciate for sharing your experiences and truly its well documented travel stories and impressive writing talent. more power and keep it up. God bless you more.


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