Updated Qatar-Saudi-UAE Border Crossing Processes

From the recent driving trip to UAE, below is an updated Qatar-Saudi-UAE border crossing process.

For previous border processes (in 2009) check the following link: https://wahyuinqatar.wordpress.com/2009/07/29/uae-oman-trip-crossing-16-borders-a-step-by-step-process/


Qatar Exit

  • Vehicle Exit Registration. Produce:  Istimarah. Driving License. NOC (if your car under loan). Obtain vehicle exit white paper.
  • Passport Control/Stamp.
  • Final Check

Saudi Entry

  • First booth.  Ask to park the car and go for finger printing
  • Finger printing. Ladies separate. Ladies may require stamp from two different booths (one from where man is queuing for finger printing, one from Ladies section). No clear instruction though.
  • Passport control from the same finger printing booth
  • Vehicle entry registration. Get small slip
  • Inspection. Get stamp on small slip
  • Pay Insurance
  • Final Check

Time for Qatar-Saudi Border Processes: varied. 1 hour 40 minutes owing to umrah rush (1 hour just for finger printing)

Saudi Exit

  • Vehicle exit registration. Get small slip
  • Passport Control

UAE Entry

    • Passport control – directed to Arrival Hall for VoA
    • Go to Arrival Hall for VoA:
      • Go to Passport Counter. Get Visa Form. Fill in.
      • Go to Eye Scan counter
      • Pay Visa Fee 110AED
      • Back to Passport Counter for passport and Visa stamp. Keep yellow copy of visa paper.
    • Vehicle registration. Obtain white paper
    • Inspection. Get stamp to white paper
    • Pay insurance in any of three insurance agents. Show istimarah and white paper
    • Final check.

Time for Saudi-UAE Border Process: varied. 50 minutes.


UAE Exit

  • Vehicle Registration. Get vehicle custom paper
  • Go to Departure Hall. Show passport & visa, pay Exit Fees 35AED
  • Get stamp at counter
  • Final Check

Saudi Entry

  • Vehicle Exit Registration.
  • Passport Control. Stamp
  • Custom Check
  • Insurance (or get stamp to the back of vehicle slip from Insurance Booth )
  • Custom slip withdrawn. Final check

Time for Saudi-UAE Border Process: varied. 40 minutes

Saudi Exit

  • Vehicle Registration. No need to show anything. Your vehicle data is there. Get small slip
  • Passport Control
  • Final Check

 Qatar Entry

  • Passport Control
  • Vehicle Entry Registration. Show istimarah and Saudi Custom Slip. Get Custom Paper (which is stapled with Saudi paper)
  • Custom Inspection. Get stamp
  • Insurance. Ignore for Qatari vehicles. Exit through Qatari vehicles gate
  • Final Check

Time for Saudi-Qatar Border Process: varied. 35 minutes


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  1. Dear Wahyu,

    Very informative post regarding the border crossing..thank you. I was surfing the net looking for such information, however, I was wondering if you could help with a more refined border crossing request…

    I am working in UAE and do business with Qatar. I am sending a colleague from India to work in Qatar for one year. The company in Qatar is arranging the Business Visa. My colleague may have to exit every 30 days… To save on flights, I was wondering (as you can do in UAE) if there is an option to exit/enter via road?

    Can you turn around at the Qatar border after exit in the process you described? If not, are thre alternative ways to do this?

    I would very much appreciate your feedback.

    Kind regards,

    1. Dear Singh, I don’t know if it is possible. I do know that you can make U turn once you pass the last Qatar immigration check. Not sure though if visa issued is valid for land entry?

      1. Dear Wahyu Hidayat,
        Thanks for your efforts to post a detailed information to make others journey effortless. I have one question, I hold a residence visa of ENGINEER and want to travel UAE by road. I want know if there is any minimum required period for the validity of QATAR Visa to get UAE visa on arrival.

        Thank you in advance for your answer.

      2. I dont know if there is a specific requirement from UAE. Normally countries require 6month validity

  2. Dear Wahyu,

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am planning on a road trip to UAE as well. Can you please tell me how can I get the Saudi transit visa?


  3. Dear Wahyu,

    Can a woman travelling by herself drive to Qatar from the UAE? and how do I apply for a Saudi Transit visa in the UAE or can we get it at the port with American or British passports?

    1. Hi, woman is not allowed to drive in Saudi at the moment. Saudi transit visa shall be pre-obtained prior to departure. No visa can be obtained at the border.

  4. Dear Wahyu,
    Thanks for useful info. I am planning to drive to Saudi from UAE this weekend. Some people tell me that i need a letter from police in UAE for my car to show at the border. Do you know about this requirement?
    I already have an NOC letter from my leasing company.


    1. Dear Rizwan, this probably a late reply. I’m not aware of any requirement from Police. As far as I know letter from leasing company/bank/company should suffice. Have a safe trip.

    2. hi rizwan. go apposite to the almullah plaza there is some travel and tourism department,900 dirhams fees for this yellow file, 500 return when you back,

  5. Dear Wahyu ,

    Could you please provide me step by step procedure to go to UEA from Qatar by road , because we are planning to go to UAE this coming eid holidays.

  6. I am planning to take my fathers car to uae from qatar. So do i need any special paper work for that?

    second question is do i need to get transit visa in advance for saudi?

    third question is do i need to stamp uae visa in advance?

    1. Mohammed,
      You need to have non-objectition letter from the car owner. If your father’s car under loan you need to have an NOC from the issuing loan body (i.e. bank).
      You need to get saudi transit visa in advance through appointed agents in Qatar.
      You can’t get UAE visa stamped in advance. Stamp can only be obtained in the border.
      Please check the following link:

  7. I have an engineer work visa in Qatar. I also have a car (2011 model) whose registration is also on my name (No bank loan). I am planning to visit UAE-Dubai by road & will en-route Saudi Arabia. Do I need a transit visa for Saudi ? What documents I need for myself & my car to cross borders at Qatar-Saudi posts & then at Saudi-UAE border post ?

    1. It’s not necessary but strongly advisable particularly if you intend to go out and exposed to local community

  8. Dear Wahyu, I have all the paperwork and export plates etc.. for driving my car from UAE to Qatar. I have a valid Qatar Residence permit. Unfortunately the Saudi embassy is not accepting any more transit visa applications but said that I could get it at the border from Abu Dhabi. Is this correct? I plan to fly to Dubai and drive my car out from there after the Eid break.

    1. It is not uncommon that Saudi Embassy not accepting any more transit visa applications particularly during Eid. I am not sure of visa on arrival at border. I can only suggest that you confirm to Saudi border or else give it a try.

    2. Saudi visa will not be given at the border. It should be pre-arranged from the embassy. Also I think the visa should be multiple-entry, you don’t want to be stuck at the border on the way back.
      By the way, crossing the borders during Eid, Hajj or Umrah will be a nightmare otherwise the border crossing take less than 1 1/2 hours

  9. Dear Wahyu,
    I am an indian holding saudi residence permit & valid driving license. I want to Visit UAE during EID holidays by road. Is it necessary to obtain an international driving license or my saudi driving license is valid to drive thrugh UAE? My car is on installments, but i can obtain NOC from the leasing company.

    1. Hi, all GCC driving license is valid in all GCC countries. No need to get international driving license.

      1. Dear Whayu,
        I wanto travel from Doha to Dubai through Saudi Transit. My pataka ID shows Secretary, whether I am eligible to get on arrival visa in UAE?

    2. Dear Ragav,

      I am planning to travel from Saudi to UAE.
      Do i need to carry my original saudi iqama. I will have copy of it with company seal.


  10. Wahyu,

    Excellent info thank you. Your blog encourged me to do this road trip. I am actually driving tomorrow with my family from Doha to Abu Dhabi via Saudi. I will update & let everyone know how smoothly it goes!! Wish me luck

  11. Terima kasih pak Wahyu for your valuable info. Insha Allah I’ll try to get into UAE thru Saudi Border by this Eid Holidays.
    Jazakallah khair.

  12. Dear Wayhu,

    I am an Indian, residing in Qatar with RP. I have my car in UAE model 2007. I dont have have UAE visa now, and wants to bring my car here. is is possible for me to bring my car by road by driving myself? I have license from both countries. I am not sure whether they will allow me to bring by roa. Can you please brief me the procedures. Thanks, Jazakallah khair.

    1. Hi Shamim, I am afraid I can’t provide you with the answer as I am not familiar with UAE. I’m sorry

    2. Dear Shamim,

      I’m not sure whether you can get your car which is a 2007 model to Qatar as the time limit for importing cars here from other GCC countries is 5 years. You could check first with the Qatar Traffic dept whether your car will be allowed. You can also check in Dubai with cargo companies who transport the cars for about 4000 to 5000 not including the customs duty at Qatar border which should be about 5% of the cars value. If you need to know more, contact me on 55560715.

  13. HI,

    I am an indian living in UAe and want to travel to Qatar during holidays. Can you let me know if there are agents to process saudi transit visa in Dubai

    1. Dear Masood,

      You do not need an agent to get your Saudi Transit visa. Just go to the Saudi embassy in Old Pakistani consulate area with the relevant documents. Make sure you have a Qatar visa as well. The Qatar embassy is next to the Saudi embassy.

      1. Is it mandatory to get a Qatari Visa to get a Transit visa from Saudi Consulate as Qatar provides Visa on arrival for professionals

      2. I am not sure but in the other side we (Qatar residents) don’t need to have UAE visa on hand to get Saudi transit visa as UAE provides VoA.

  14. Hello i would like to ask do i need visa for Qatar i have Saudi Arabian Work and Residence permit Croatian nationality. Thank you

  15. Dear Wahyu,
    I am an Indian Expat in Saudi planning to travel by road to UAE.
    Do i need to carry my original iqama (Saudi ID). Since i have to submit my iqama to company to get my passport, i will only have iqama copy with company seal on it. Will that be enough.


    1. Hi, I was never asked my Qatari ID in the border. For UAE visa application, passport with valid RP is the requirement.Don’t take my comment for granted though, thing may be different.

  16. Dear Wahyu,

    Very interesting to read your webpages. I am an Indian expat living in UAE. I intend to travel by road to QATAR. My profession on the visa is engineer & I own my personal four wheel drive. I intend to make this trip with my wife & kids. Could you please enlighten me the process & documents including the Visa’s required.

  17. Dear Mr. Wahyu,

    Good day sir. I’m working in saudi arabia and i’m planning to go uae this february. how long is the validity of the visa that i will get on the border?

  18. hi i m on visit in saudia and i have relative in qatar he can sendme visit visa so can i visit qatar from directly saudia? please provide me complete details

  19. dear wahyu can i take a vacation this coming ramadan im working in jeddah saudu arabia i want to vissit a friend in doha qatar. i want to go there by a plane do i need a vissa or just my iqama and passport thank you i hope you can help me with my problem

  20. Is it possible for men and women of no relation to ride in the same vehicle through Saudi? If the man was driving. Thanks!

    1. I don’t think it is possible. In Saudi, Woman shall travel with her mahram: close kin that one is forbidden to marry.

  21. I am a Saudi resident. My Iqama (Financial Analyst) is valid for another 3 months. I want to travel to Qatar through the Salwa border. Can you kindly let me know if they will accept the Iqama for on-arrival visa?

    I have traveled through Salwa border in 2011 without any hassle. However my Iqama was valid for 6+ months at that time.

  22. Hello i would like to ask about VISA application.
    I am from Singapore and currently now in Qatar.
    My Qatar temporary Visa for Qatar is only valid for 2 months and i need to leave the country.
    I would like to go to UAE by driving but i have to pass Saudi.

    I understand that i can apply for saudi visa here at the agent

    however i am uncertain of how would i apply for a saudi visa to travel back to Qatar.

    Can you please clarify for me? Do i need to apply the visa in UAE?

    Or is the saudi Visa valid for a week cos im only going UAE for one week

    i look forward to your quick reply as my qatar temporary visa is expiring in 5 days.

    1. I assume that you have a valid Singapore passport. If that the case, you can have your passport stamped in the border. For Saudi visa you need to ask for roundtrip transit visa to agent.

  23. Hi Wahyu Hidayat,

    It is very Interesting and Helpful Blog you posted. I was searching on google some thing like this for months. First of all iam thank full to you and all others who commented on this blog.

    Iam an indian, Holding RP of both Saudi and Uae. 6 months back I have travelled between these counrties by Road with my saudi Registered car. Now i just want to know 2 things:

    1) Is there any issue if i take my Uae Registered car to saudi ? (not on export licence. Just for 2-3 months) as iam holding 2 RP visa’s will i face any issues ? (As the saudi immigration is very strict).

    2) Is it possible i can go to Uae with my saudi reg car (reg. on my sponsors name) and come back with my Uae reg one.

    I know it is quite confused questions….lol. Still, It will be very helpful anyone can find out and give me a proper answer.

  24. Hi Wahyu Hidayat,
    Info are very usefull, please let me know the passport control in saudi & UAE border are open for 24 hours a day?
    while travelling from Qatar do i have to apply for 2way suadi transist VISA?
    i am planning to go UAE from Qatar during the ramadn holydays. please let me know the rush & VISA processing durating during these days at Qatar-Saudi & Saudi – UAE border.

    1. They are open 24hours; however expect some delay if you are coming on the odd hours. I got my UAE VoA process delayed for an hour on Friday morning 6/7am due to personnel issue, and one hour longer in Saudi due to Umrah rush. Otherwise it’s normal to expect between 1-1.5hours to cross two borders back-to-back. Of course process of leaving a country will be much shorter than entering. You need to apply for round trip/2-way saudi transit visa otherwise you can’t go back to Qatar.

      1. Dear Mr Wahyu Hidayat,
        Tthank you very much for the information provided,
        Please let me know the visa fee & insurance fee shall be paid by cash or they accept credit card only?

  25. I appreciate your effort,
    One of my friend , a Saudi resident (Computer technician) wants to visit the UAE , is it possible for him to get a visa on the border post, given his professional status? ,

  26. Dear Wahyu,
    I am Spanish, currently in Catar with a tourist visit and I would like to travel to Saudi Arabia next month to attend a meeting that is being celebrated there. Do I need a visa for this? What kind of visa? What are the requirements?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Dear Belén
      I believe your visa falls under visit (business visa). I don’t have any experience with this. I copy-paste the below information from Lonely Planet. You may want to visit Saudi visa agent as listed in my separate post (Preparation) to inquire about this type of visa. Best bet is to contact Saudi Embassy. Sorry for not being much help.

      Saudi Arabia is one of the most difficult places in the world to visit. Note that Jews are not granted visas to the Kingdom.

      Tourist visas
      During the last six years the Saudi authorities have started tentatively to issue tourist visas, but only for those willing to travel as part of a group (minimum four people) organised by a recognised tour company (including dive companies).

      Issued under the sponsorship of Saudia (under its ‘Discover Saudi Arabia’ program), you can find the list of approved international and local Saudi tour companies who can arrange the visas at: http://www.saudiairlines.com/tours/discoversaudia rabia.jsp. It takes 14 days from the date of request to issue a tourist visa.

      Note also that passports must be valid for a minimum of six months, and women under 30 years old must be accompanied by their husband or brother (who must also arrive and leave Saudi Arabia at the same time).

      Note that men and women are only allowed to travel together (and granted a visa to do so) if they are (a) married (with an official marriage licence) or (b) form part of a group.

      It is not permitted for an unmarried couple to travel alone together in Saudi Arabia (and doing so runs the risk of apprehension). Regarding the tourist visa, two couples could in effect travel together, but only if they came as ‘individuals in a group’.

      One local tour company that can offer advice and has an excellent reputation locally is Sadd Al-Samallaghi Est based in Jeddah.

      Transit visas
      Three-day transit visas are available for people driving between Jordan and either Kuwait or Yemen. Those driving between Jordan and Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are usually granted seven-day visas. They’re only issued if you can prove that there was no other way to get to your destination.

      To obtain a transit visa you must visit the embassy with your vehicle’s carnet de passage and proof that you have a visa for the country you’re planning to visit.

      Visitor (business) visas
      Rule number one is that you must have a Saudi sponsor (a company or an individual). The sponsor applies to the Saudi Chamber of Commerce & Industry for approval and, if granted, an invitation letter will be sent to you (or direct to the embassy).

      Rule number two is that you must then make your application in your country of nationality or permanent residence.

      Depending upon the Saudi embassy to whom you are making your application (always phone the embassy to check), most commonly you will require a letter from your company outlining the nature of your business in Saudi Arabia and a letter of support from your local chamber of commerce.

      Armed with this paperwork, the visa is usually granted without difficulty by the embassy, sometimes even on the same day (if you visit in person), but more often within a week to 10 days if applying by post.

      Read more: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/saudi-arabia/practical-information/visas#ixzz2h8Mlu7cl

  27. i want to go in Eid Holidays to QATAR by road on my car. any one can tell me the procedure please. what is the requirments for that. thanks.

  28. Hi all, I see two roads from Doha to Saudi, one is Salwa Road, and other one is Qatar-UAE road (which is shorter). Which one is the route I should follow if im travelling to UAE from Doha.

    1. Hi, the only immigration border between Saudi and Qatar is in Abu Samra which can be reached by following Salwa Road.

  29. i want to go doha to saudi arabia by road any one can tell me the procedure/fee please. what is the requirments for that. thanks.

  30. Hi Wahyu,

    Thanks for all of this great info – much appreciated.

    Please could you help me further with something. We would like to drive to Abu Dhabi in a couple of weeks, but are wanting to take a friend’s car (which they own without a bank loan). Is this possible? And if so, what documents do we require from them? Would a No Objection letter simply be a signed letter from them saying that they have given us permission to use their vehicle, or do we need an official NOC from somewhere?

    Many thanks for your help…


    1. Hi Brendon, I am not sure if it is possible however extrapolating from the same requirements for a car under loan, an NOC (best in Arabic), furnished with copy of owner’s Qatar ID, will probably be acceptable. Please gather feedback from others as I haven’t heard of it myself. Good luck with your trip and appreciate your feedback if this will be successful. Cheers.

  31. I am planning to travel from sharjah to qatar, As mentioned in your forum my car under bank loan & insurance only covered UAE & Oman. Qatar is not covered car insurance can be taken from border if both saudi as well as qatar car insurance required or not please. I am engineer so VOA in qatar and saudi transit visas are required please tell me

    1. Hi, there, did you make this trip to qatar by road? if so can you please guide me hjow you obtained the transit visa to saudi arabia & the qatar visa. please revert. it will be of great help for me & fellow travellers

  32. Hi, I have followed your posts many times and it helped me to get around Doha. Recently I bought a 4WD and have no experience in desert driving. Do you know anyone or any groups that I can get introduced to who can teach me how to drive in the desert and gain experience on some trips with them? I really like to take the family into the sands and explore,, perhaps you can guide me?

  33. Hi Wahyu

    Excellent job. Few questions. I have UK license and am in Qatar to see my parents. I want to go for Umra by road and drive my fathers car though my father will not be travelling with me.

    I can sort out visas. I want to know if I can drive dad’s car and on UK driving license. Or shall I need international driving license? I m not uk national

  34. I am a resident visa holder lives in Qatar. Wants to travel to UAE via Saudi by road. Am working as a manager in a repute, but my visa is general supervisor .Can I travel to same

  35. Dear Wahyu, I work in Doha. I would to visit saudi via road (bus). Doha to Dammam. I will highly appreciate if you could help me out on this. What visa requirement and where to apply.

  36. Dear Wahyu, Great work indeed. I work in Doha and would like to visit Dammam, Saudi during my eid holidays. Could you guide me how to visit if i am going by bus service. And also if by air what will be required.

  37. Hi im a expatriate living in uae on my fathers visa (valid for two years (. I am getting married in uaeto a expatriate engineer with valid residential visa in qatar. I want to know if I can get a on arrival visa in qatar when I travel to qatar with my husband. I heard I need some no objection letter from my father as he is my current sponsor. Where can I get that? Morever if I am able to get on arrival visa in qatar, what is the procedure for my husband to get my residential wife visa in qatar. I am planning to keep my uae visa too as I will travel back n forth. Is it possible ? Kindly let me no

  38. Hi Wahyu,
    We are group of (3) filipino nurses working in Saudi Arabia (with Iqama and passports valid for more than six months), We plan to visit Doha Qatar this coming Hajj holidays by bus (SAPTCO) . Is it possible for us just to get the visit visa on arrival at the Saudi-Qatar border (Salwa road). We are just thinking we might cause a delay in the trip due to this, or might also encounter a possible denial of entry to Qatar. Just slightly worried thats why we ask for some comments from you. thank you very much…

    1. It may be possible to get visa on artivsl fir GCC residents in Qatar border provided that their profession is listed in 188 professions issued by Ministry of Interior. Please check if yours – as it is stated on your iqamah – is included in the list.

  39. We are indian family from Qatar. we are planning to go to UAE by road. we have already obtained transit visa for Saudi. My wife has some issue with her finger prints, they are not clear, will that be a problem in saudi border.

  40. Dear Wahyu,
    My wife has been provided by her new employer in UAE with a work e- visa to enter UAE. We are both residing in Qatar now. Is there any issues for her when applying for her resident permit/work visa if she enters UAE with the visa through the border or is it required to travel by flight to enter on work visa?

  41. Dear Wahyu,

    My vehicle has small dents at the front, do you know whether it can cross KSA, UAE and Oman border??

    Many thanks


  42. I have travelled to ksa and UAE with dent in my car in Aug 2013.need is valid registration in Qatar.

  43. How many days will the entry visa valid if your entering UAE from Saudi Arabia?I would like to go for a nice holiday in the Dubai.Thank You Sir!

    1. Once you enter Saudi to go to UAE in transit visa, you have three days to exit similarly when you enter Saudi from UAE to Qatar. Make sure you have round trip transit visa.

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