In Qatar, we’re just a dot inside Venn Diagram intersections

It’s said that around 36,000 Indonesians living in Qatar, majority of whom (19,000) are labor workers, and about 6,000 professionals and their families. But Qatar is so small that you will bump into the same person in many other occasions.Eventually we’re just a dot inside Venn Diagram intersections. Some may be present at intersections of two diagrams, some at four, or even more. Chances are you are a member of your ex-company associations, your professional association, your university alumni association, or hobby/interest associations.

Okay, let me give you my example. I am a member of ex-Unocal (once an oil and gas company before taken over by Chevron) alumni association, a member of Bandung Institute of Technology Alumni Association (IA ITB), a member of Petroleum Engineer Association (IATMI) Chapter Qatar, and a member of non-formal groups like Sand Dune Community, Fishing Community, Sundanese Community (though I’m not a Sundanese) or Hajj Group. Many of them are on the same two or more associations, making meeting the same faces is not unusual. Though I’m sometimes surprised to find new facts: “Oh, I don’t know that you are from….” “Hey…how come you are here?” “Sigghh…it turns out we’re linked..” .etc.

One thing for sure is that the more diagrams you have the wider social networking you own. And it surely will be beneficial for ‘staying strong’ in this foreign soil.

Venn Diagram of four ‘ellipses’