Age doesn’t lie

I can’t manipulate my age or my age is not befriending me, in this middle to late thirties of age. As I get older I get weaker, get less stamina and can’t withstand a long sport activity.

Two weeks ago, I joined a football team in a one day fun football tournament organized by Indonesian community in Al Khor. The event, participated by 10 teams from every town in Qatar, was held from 7.30 in the morning until 7 pm in the evening. Hot weather is one thing, but for sure, though the match was only 2×10 minutes I couldn’t play for one single match straight…..sighhh. The first match, I was out due to foot ankle problem, after wrong tackling. In another match, I was out due to short of breathing. And in the last match, I pulled out due to hamstring…duhh.

So I probably need to realize my limit, to understand the consequence of non-regular exercise, and should have thought age matters.

Ouch! This tackling costed me an ankle problem 😦


I am in action to guard our opponent


Football with sunglasses!


Protect the asset!


My team – crazy sand duners football team



All players with our Indonesian Ambassador for Qatar. If you can spot me…:)


 All pictures are credited to Mustafa Kamalullah.