Welcome to bachelor life

Summer holiday started. Quite earlier for some. For us it just started today when my family departed Doha to Bandung, Indonesia. Inevitably, they left me behind due to my work schedule and leave planning. I am officially now bachelor, local bachelor only.

What’s life as a bachelor? Not too bad.

– Feel awkward without such noise, without kids around but definitely miss them

– Doing everything myself – house cleaning, laundry, cooking and so on….

– Start realizing how family-oriented life in this city is not favorable for bachelor. Family Day!

– Some degree of freedom – no complain on home late, no NOC required, much me time

– Time to self-discovery – with much me time probably it’s the best time to self-discover myself

– Time to try something new – new recipes, new websites

– Time to accelerate work progress – now I can take my work home and work uninterruptedly

– Time to build love among us – distance separates us but it only makes us closer

– Time to build stronger relationship with friends (those having the same local bachelor status 🙂 )

– As Ramadan about to start, it’ll give me much more time to get closer to Him

See it’s not that bad. Now let me start counting down the days until I meet them. 32 days more 😦


5 thoughts on “Welcome to bachelor life”

  1. You budak indon big mouth, perhaps if you are working in indon, you will never show your photos…you are like katak dibawah tempurung cakap orang melayu, means this is the first time you get good job, but you tak pernah tengok kawan awak di Malaysia, kesian mereka, you di Qatar berkicau kicau macam burung tiong diatas kelapa sawit…wahyu wahyu budak indon satu nih.

    1. Dear Paramjeet Singh. Thank you for your comment and visiting this blog. You’re most welcomed to keep visiting. Cheers…

  2. assalamualaikum pak wahyu,

    mungkin sya bkan org yg pertama mengatakan nya, tp blog bpk bnar2 menjadi inspirasi bagi saya utk kerja overseas,

    setelah lebih dari 1 taun menjdi penikmat blog bpk, dan lebih dari 1 taun jg rajin apply ke bbrp prusahaan di mid east, alhmdulillah akhr nya ada jg prusahaan di mid east yg mau mnerima sya,
    Insya allah tgl 1 agustus 2012 sya akan ke abu dhabi utk bergabung dgn slah satu ADNOC Subsidiaries

    semoga kesuksesan pak wahyu menular ke saya, amiin…
    terima kasih pak ( tp syang connection invitation sya di LinkedIn tdk pernah di accept pak wahyu…)

  3. Always enjoy hearing from you ….all the best……by the way, I understand now why you were able to complete all your IAs and RAs lately…….


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