Sure lof it’s Edensor

Edensor (pronounced: “Ensor”) is a village, a small village in Derbyshire, England. If not because of Andrea Hirata‘s novel bearing the same name, it will almost certainly be unheard in Indonesians ears. Edensor is not a tourist puller, the nearby Chatsworth House is.

In his novel, Andrea, with his strong fluidic narrative, and vivid details of his story, tells a tale about his struggling time in the Universite de Paris of Sorbonne, and his summer traveling across Europe and Africa partly to find his childhood ‘girlfriend’. It was she who gave him a book inwhich naturalist description of a village captivating him. That village is Edensor.

Story has it that originally the village, much of it belongs to the Dukes of Devonshire, was close to the River Derwent immediately below Chatsworth, but the Dukes had it moved out of sight over a hill, apart from one cottage whose tenant didn’t want to move, which still stands in Chatsworth Park.

When I’ve got a chance to visit Manchester last June, I didn’t miss it without visiting Edensor.Will it be as breathtaking as its novel?

The village is easily accessible from Manchester by taking 48-min to 1hr 18min train ride to Sheffield (price varies) and continuing with a 50-min bus ride (5.50 GBP return trip) from Sheffield Interchange (Bus Number 214/215 Sheffield – Matlock).

….I am stunned. Overwhelmed with dejavu from seeing this charming village. I feel like I am already  familiar with rooster-carved village gate, with stone benches, with arrays of daffodil and astuaria flowers. I am as though passing through a time tunnel and thrown away to imaginary land that has been long settled inside my heart.

I  asked the driver to stop and bursted out of the bus. Thousands of memory fragments on this beautiful place for tens of years suddenly synthesized before my eyes, so lovely.

To a passerby woman I asked,”Madam, can you please tell me the name of this place?”

She looked at me calmly then answered.

“Sure lof, it’s Edensor….”

(free translation from Edensor, Andrea Hirata, 2008)


Reading Andrea’s Edensor novel with Edensor village in the background
Edensor with St Peter’s church in the background
Start of Edensor
St. Peter’s church
Graveyard near St. Peter’s church


Edensor Tea Cottage


An area at Edensor
A house in Edensor
Rose Cottage in Edensor
Another house at Edensor
An area at Edensor
Bus stop in front of Edensor
People jogging on the main road near Edensor
A couple walking on Chatsworth Park. The footpath links Edensor with Chatsworth House, a 15-min walk.
Chatsworth Park Map
Herding the lambs
Chatsworth House and its garden. Seen here The Cascade (fountain)
Chatsworth House and The River Derwent

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  1. I’d spend the whole day cycling – leisure one, not spirited – around these villages. lovely!

    1. You can only tell by your own eyes 🙂 ….I found it not as grand as it was told in the novel

  2. Wow. It’s awesome to read your article and photos. Edensor, one of my targets to visit. ^^

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