Even one is too many

I received sad news on my BBM group when I was about to go to a bed. One fellow Indonesian killed in a tragic car accident in a road stretch between Umm Birka R/A (commonly known as Fish R/A) and Qatargas R/A. Along with him is two other victims (Qatari nationals). They happen to be from the same section in one of the energy companies in Ras Laffan. The Indonesian was on the way home in Doha from his dayshift while the other two are on the way to Ras Laffan (Note: confirmation required)

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rojiun. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their bereaved family during this difficult time of grief and may the departed souls rest peacefully in God’s grace.

The road is basically a continuation road of Route 77 Ras Laffan Highway, a 12-km stretch of one-lane two-way poor and narrow road without lighting at night. Linking Ras Laffan to Al Shamal Road, the road is a favorite to Ras Laffaners. I occassionaly used the road during my rare self-driving commuting to Ras Laffan (most of the time I use bus) and I can tell you how at risk I am driving down the road. The road users must navigate rough road, with patchy asphalted road, share with slow-moving truck, and heavy traffic.

The road has claimed many lives. I can only urge authority to look into this road more seriously because….

Even one (death) is too many.

In a split second a traffic accident like this transforms forever the life of a family. Behind each statistic, there are fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, colleagues, classmates and friends. I think we all become too desensitized to road statistics and develop a sense of invulnerability, thinking road crashes happen only to others

I can only take deep breath, thinking of my family who is currently away. I promise myself to drive safely, to question the need of every trip, to obey traffic rules, to wear seatbelt, to not use phone or engaged in other distractions, to keep speed appropriate with road conditions, to allow 2-4 seconds safe distance, to not drive fatigued, to take rest breaks, to let other road users aware of my position and to keep vigilant of other road users action.

I will always drive safely, for me and utmostly for my family. This is a promise I make not to be broken.


3 thoughts on “Even one is too many”

  1. inna lillahi wa inna elayhi rajoon,may allah grant the mercy and sabut to the family who has suffered this loss.

  2. I am lacking words and, more than I can express, I do totally share your feelings and thoughts,
    They are/were also my colleagues by the way, although I did not know them, and I share your regrets, sorrows and feelings of mourning fully. Let us all hope that lessons will be learned and understood before more victims will fall. Let your fellow national rest in peace and that his family will be able to overlive this unacceptable event in ultimate good health.
    (sorry for my bad English in these matters)

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