CFSP: Another Feather in My Cap

After waiting for almost 3 months, the long awaited result finally came today (21 Sep). I got certified in functional safety after passing an exam conducted on 29 June 2012, in UK. Prior to this exam, I took a 4-day course on the subject, managed and delivered by exida ( ) . I scored 39/40 points in multiple choice and 16/20 points in short answer questions; enough to pass 80% minimum points requirements to become certified in functional safety. It means I can bear the title CFSP (Certified Functional Safety Professional) title.

Alhamdulillah. Another feather in my cap. Thanks to Qatargas, our supervisor and manager, and my family for all your supports.

A brief intro about functional safety.

Functional Safety is the part of the overall safety of a system or a piece of equipment that depends on the system or equipment operating correctly in response to its inputs, include the safe management of likely operator errors, hardware failures, and environmental changes.

Functional Safety is achieved when every specified safety function is carried out and the level of performance required of each safety function is met. This is normally achieved by a process that includes the following steps as a minimum:

1. Identifying what the required safety functions are. This means the hazards and safety functions have to be known.

2. Assessment of the risk-reduction required by the safety function. This will involve a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment.

3. Ensuring the safety function performs to the design intent, including under conditions of incorrect operator input and failure modes. This will involve having the design and lifecycle managed by qualified and competent engineers carrying out processes to a recognised functional safety standard. In Europe, that standard is IEC EN 61508, or one of the industry specific standards derived from IEC EN 61508 (i.e 61511 for process industries)

4. Verification that the system meets the assigned SIL

5. Conduct functional safety audits to examine and assess the evidence that the appropriate safety lifecycle management techniques were applied consistently and thoroughly in the relevant lifecycle stages of product.

The Certified Functional Safety Expert program helps individuals gain the knowledge and skills to become recognized experts in the application & design of safety systems.

The CFSE certification program entails both a review of the applicant’s experience and the satisfactory completion of a proficiency exam. Passing the CFSE exam requires a solid in-depth knowledge of functional safety. Many applicants choose to augment their existing skill set prior to the exam by attending one of the optional preparatory training classes offered by our partners.

Certification is provided in two levels; CFSE and CFSP. The CFSE is aimed at professionals where functional safety is a major part of their role in the organization. They are typically responsible for leading, coordinating, and reviewing the activities of the safety lifecycle, including the more complex activities such as SIL Selection and SIL verification. The CFSP is targeted at professionals where functional safety is a secondary role or they are expected to support safety lifecycle projects on an execution level.

safety lifecycle as per IEC 61508




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  1. Congratulations Wahyu…..hope that this will be of great value to you and your workplace.


  2. Hi! Wahyu, First of all Congratulation on this achievement. I hope this will enhance your experience. I am also preparing for CFSP. i have registered for test and planned to appear soon. any guideline from your side on this test . is it necessary to get training before appearing for Test. Thanks in advance.

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