Pearl of Beirut Restaurant, Al Khor

This restaurant is conveniently located on Corniche Road Al Khor, just opposite fish market. Away from bustling Al Khor town road and commercial centers, the restaurant offers a perfect dining hideout.

Wood and bamboo dominate this small, yet with ample parking slots, restaurant. You may choose to dine in semi-open air terrace or air-conditioned (pinky!) room. The semi-open air dining area is frequently used to host live football match watching events or to host functions like birthday event. The place is also popular with motorcycle group or cyclist group during weekend.

I patronized the restaurant several times. Every time it has never failed impressed me.

Okay, you may be misled by its name, thinking that this is just another Lebanese restaurant. It serves mainly chinese food, seafood, filipino, few Arabic and newly added Indonesian menu. Don’t ask me why it is named and associated with Beirut….if only I knew.

If I have to be back, I’d have my table filled with sour fish soup, crabs, kangkung stir-fry (less salt please!) and egg fried rice. Oh, and two glasses of iced tea please…since one is never enough with this Indonesian legendary and first bottled tea: Teh Botol Sosro.

Since its share now partially owned by an Indonesian, the restaurant sees consignation on Malay and Indonesian food such as Nasi Lemak, rendang, balado, anchovy green sambal. Grab them quickly as they are ones of the favorites.

Price? Trust me, you won’t go home bankrupt….see attached menu.

Pearl Of Beirut Menu

Direction: On the fourth roundabout after Al Khor Highway (second being Al Khor Mall), turn right to Corniche Road. Follow the road, passing traffic light, just before Fish Market/Port on the opposite side, spot bamboo-dominated building. Coordinate: 25 41.144N 51 30.875E

Reservation: 4472 0123 & 7034 8032

Die die hard must try – sour soup
Don’t judge by its look. Though simple, it is mouthwatering. Egg fried rice
Coconut milk crab. I’d rather have my favorite black pepper crab
Kangkung stir-fry.
Seafood is one of the offered menu.
Pearl of Beirut Restaurant
Beirut goes pinky! 🙂
You may host a small event here without bankrupting your wallet

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  1. hi wahyu – we had ours a few days ago and it did not dissapoint us…especially the black pepper crab and crab masala…seek permission to share your comments with my fellow indonesian and malaysian friends.

    1. Thanks Sathiarani. I have no vested interest to the restaurant. Glad you enjoy it. Feel free to share

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