Dubai Series 5

Got a chance to visit Dubai end of September for a business trip involving a week-long safety studies meeting (HAZOP, SIL Assignment, and Design Risk Assessment) for a new project.

Meeting was held in Jebel Ali (a free trade zone) some 45km from DXB Airport towards Abu Dhabi. It’s always excelent to get exposed to such big project and important studies: get to know new people, understand new design, and learn from an experienced facilitator.

Dubai itself, is no much change. I don’t even have an idea where to go this time, except a typical mall browsing and a visit to Time Out’s best budget restaurant in Dubai: Betawai Cafe, that serves Indonesian cuisine.

Soto Betawi at Betawi Cafe

Jebel Ali

Staying in Suite Novotel Mall of the Emirates, reaching Jebel Ali was not an issue. It’s a 20-30 minutes taxi trip costing about 60 AED per trip. Taxi is available at hotel doorstep, which is a plus for the hotel. But, there’s always but, getting taxi home is quite a hassle. Calling Dubai taxi to come to Jebel Ali Waterfront Office takes about an hour. Yes, an hour. So I ended up using less formal Jebel Ali taxi which turned out costing less. So inquire Jebel Ali taxi to your host for your taxi back to Dubai.

Jebel Ali is a port town, said to house 5,500 companies from 120 countries. These companies, due to free trade zone features, enjoy special privilege of exemption for corporate tax for 15 years, no personal income tax, no import or export duties,  no restriction on currency and easy labor recruitment.

It’s cheaper in Dubai

Mall browsing revealed that most goods in Dubai is cheaper than in Doha. Mac that costs 5400 QR in Doha costs 4999 AED in Dubai. Similarly on books, food except fuel 😦

Being romantic in purpose LOL

Doha is what Dubai few years back

Obviously, on the infrastructure side, and but not on sponsorship system with Dubai had the abolition of a requirement of NOC which restricted workers from switching job. But what I don’t want Doha to become second Dubai is its cultural or local values preservation: keep it moderate.

I envy a bird

I envy a bird for its freedom to roam the sky, and to see things bird view and therefore I love taking picture from above 🙂

Few minutes after take off from DXB
Palm Deira Dubai in the making
A man-made island in Lusail, Qatar
Qatar University
West Bay Lagoon
Onaiza area (Al Kafji st.)
One of the West Bay areas –
Doha Corniche
Museum of Islamic Art and its park