Al Thakira Mangrove Beach Camping

Al Thakira Mangrove is regarded as one of the finest mangrove area in Qatar

Went for camping to Al Thakira Mangrove Beach on 29-30 Oct 2012 along with more than 30+ cars, 25+ tents, 2 boats, and lots of fun.

Al Thakira Mangrove is located in Al Thakira, accessed by following Al Khor- Al Thakira Road until the last roundabout then turn left (to supermarket area) and left again and follow a road leading to offroad track. Few hundreds meters afterwards is mangrove area. Our camping site is further km away, following the same offroad track encircle the bay, enter a fence opening and end up the other end of the bay facing Al Thakira. Offroad track is smooth although some have to be negotiated, sedan can go however.

Our campsite is adjacent to several reserved semi-permanent winter camp. In fact, our site is already reserved but only started to use on 1 Nov. Otherwise, some empty spots are available though not strategically located.

Campsite: 25° 44′ 41” N, 51° 33′ 39” E

Supermarket :   25°44’15″N   51°32’40″E
Starting Track : 25°44’21″N   51°32’20″E
Waypoint 1 :     25°45’34″N   51°31’28″E
Waypoint 2 :     25°45’56″N   51°32’10″E  (fence opening)
Waypoint 3 :     25°45’11″N   51°33’30″E

Offroad track to Al Thakira Mangrove – sedan can go!


Passing area with lots of tiny sand hills yet the track is nothing but smooth


Another view of offroad track


Approaching our campsite


Mangrove area near our campsite


Our campsite


BBQ starts


Another view of our campsite


With glowing Ras Laffan Industrial City as a background


What makes camping unmissable is until-late-night chat with friends


Our two boats made a part of camping participants


View of Al Thakira town at night


And view of Al Thakira town in the morning – shown here navigation aid (red pole)


Sunrise from Al Thakira Mangrove Beach


Enjoying sunrise
Though the beach is not that magnificent. kids still love it
Our green 6-person tent. Behind our tent is a reserved semi-permanent winter camp

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    1. Dear Rasali, I have provided coordinates. You may start with coordinate for starting track then waypoint 1, 2, 3 then campsite. You can copy and paste the coordinate into Google Map, Google Earth or Wikimapia to check how to get there.

  1. Assalamu’alaikum mas Wahyu, saya Edi Mustika dari Duri-Riau, ingat sama mas Wahyu saat jadi HES engineer di Caltex dulu, saat itu saya HES Officer di Tripatra, mungkin mas Wahyu juga masih ingat pak Rizal Johar juga. saya selalu follow blog mas Wahyu. Kesan saya sangat bermamfaat dan menggugah motivasi. Selamat mas,Wassalam.

  2. These directions are horrible. You need a starting point. A main reference like the Coastal highway coming from the Doha. Make it reading to all viewers and not just your kind of people.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I make some corrections. I should have made it clear though the only entry point to Al Thakira using asphalted road is from Doha. I do also provide coordinate to help people who access Al Thakira from anywhere else than from Doha.

  3. Dear Wahyu Hidayat,
    How far is that from supermarket area? It shows 10 minutes with your coordinates. Mangroves, said beach/shore were close to your campsite?
    What are your advices if we 10 bachelors choose this spot for a night stay during this eid? We prefer peace.

    1. hello can anyone tell me any good night camping organizer or link for myself individual to go on eve of EID holiday etc.

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