4 years and going

Tomorrow, 24 Nov, marks completion of my 4th year in service with Qatargas. Time flies so fast huh.

I still remember the day when I stepped out of Qatar Airways plane that took me from Jakarta to Doha. It was the onset of Ramadhan 2008 (September), temperature was 39 C and I was able to maintain my fasting amid long flight trip. The interview went well with two good people who already left the company now. I owe them for their decision to have me onboard.

Then a new beginning started when I embarked a new endeavor as an expatriat in Qatar. That was on 24 Nov 2008. Then a complete new beginning started when my family joined me on 28 Feb 2009. Fast forward, throughout this flying-fast four years I have been nothing but having excellent work experiences and working with extraordinary people.

Despite many seductions of leaving Qatargas and Qatar, I am still here today, looking forward to more exciting work and life experience years to come.

4 years and going….


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