Some changes in this blog

I made few changes to this blog.

– Domain. The blog address is now “”. This address will direct blog readers to the same/prior blog: I deleted from the address to make it more personal by using paid-services from WordPress (US$18 per year).

WordAds. This is the official WordPress advertising program. Every now and then, here and there, post-related ads will be placed by WordPress. Any inconvenience is regretted.

– Theme. I changed the theme regularly for refreshing. There are many paid-theme available, but as of now I stick to free-theme provided by WordPress. Thanks to the developers.

I just hope that these changes make the blog better.


2 thoughts on “Some changes in this blog”

  1. Mas Wahyu, kalo bisa link ke categories (keyword/tag) bisa dipasang seperti menu. Kebetulan hari ini mau lihat link soal rumah di Qatar karena kebetulan mau jalan minggu depan ke Doha buat gabung dengan QG, eh berhubung layout berubah jadi bingung, hehehe
    Anyway just an idea ya mas. Mudahan nanti pas udah sampe aku bisa ketemu buat nanya lebih buanyak lagi. Hehehe.

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