Farmer’s Market

So. I bring one box of 4-kg broccoli home. The price? 20QR only…

I got that from a newly set up farmer’s market, officially called Al Mazrouah Yard. A new initiative by Ministry of Environment and Hassan Food Company . Homegrown produce like tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplant, jerjer are available. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out spinach and pakcoy that I was looking for. Some indicative prices are below:

Green Chilly 3 kg QR 9

Capsicum (green) 3 kg QR 20

Cucumber 7 kg QR 11

Khoosa 5 kg QR 16

Egg plant 4 kg QR 15

Tomatoes 7 kg QR 15

Cabbage 1 piece weighing 3 kg QR 5

Cauliflower 5 kg QR 12

Pumpkin 8 kg QR 11

Yellow pumpkin 8 kg QR 12

Beans 4 kg QR 10

Radish 5 kg QR 18

Jirijir leaves 8 bunches in a box QR 5

Beat root 7 kg QR 16

Coriander 15 bunches in a box QR 10

Broccoli 4 kg QR 20

Spinach 10 bunches in a box QR 10

(Source: The Peninsula)

The market – with 24 stalls – is open from Thu to Sat from 7am to 7pm. It can be accessed through Al Shamal Expressway Exit 16 and follow the exit to another 3.2-km (from the road) or 2.2-km from the roundabout westwardly. When I visited last week small direction signs were provided.

Coordinate: 25°26’2″N   51°22’56″E

Now…let me think how to consume that much of broccoli 🙂 Care to share recipes?

Al Mazrouah Yard
Al Mazrouah Yard


24 stalls are set up in the yard offering local produce
24 stalls are set up in the yard offering local produce


A box of 4-kg broccoli worth 20QR only
A box of 4-kg broccoli worth 20QR only





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  1. Alsalmualaykum Brothers.
    If anyone knows the directions to the market from passport R/A, please post.

    1. Waalaikumsalam. Is Passport R/A = Immigration R/A? If that’s the case you just need to continue north along Al Shamal Road, passing Landmark, IKEA until Exit 16 where you have to turn left. And follow about two kms from Al Shamal Road. Hope you find it. You can check Google Map with coordinate provided

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