A How much? Encounter

If you are newcomer in Qatar, you may be shocked to get a straightforward question from a stranger: “How much is your salary?”


Been living in Doha for almost 5 years now, I should have been familiar. But still, I am shocked.

#1. I was in a tire shop; changing old tires. Engaging a conversation with the service desk personnel; from cars, tires, nationality, where i work until we finally came to an awkward and shocking situation (at least for me) when he asked how much salary did I get? Very straightforward.

My mom doesn’t even know.

#2. I was giving a ride to a worker from Ras Laffan Industrial City. As usual we’re engaged in a conversation. Until a time, “My salary is QRXXXX a month. How much is your salary sir?” Fortunately I could still control my car 🙂

Even I don’t want my boys know how much his father earns.

#3. I had a quick shopping in one of the Indonesian stores in Doha. A stranger caught me in a mere two minutes conversation. Again at the end, “How much? Ten thousand? Thirty thousand? or more?”

I am sorry. Not your business.

#4. A car accessory shop mechanic was installing roof mount DVD player in my car. I supervised him and unfortunately this got me into the same conversation ending. “Kam? (Arab: How much) Too much? (He tried to speak in a broken English)

My friend, don’t bother with what other grass looks like. Just focus to your job and you’ll get what you dream of.

Oh Doha.


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