The Sign

One of the many du’a (prayers) I had made in Masjid Al Haram during my umrah last Feb is to have a good and succesful career at work.

Few days later, while I was in Quuba Mosque in The Prophet City of Madinah, a headhunter rang me. Not a good time. However, I gave a hint to talk briefly. She then talked about an exciting opportunity with a supermajor. I didn’t discuss much further and in detail about it owing to the situation at that time.

Will this be the sign? I don’t know.

During the last few months I have been a witness to departures of close friends to move to another companies: two went to UAE, one to Oman, one to Aberdeen, one to Saudi, one to Australia, and two to Indonesia. While it is normal thing to expect from a life of an expat, but still it left me with a question: what if I were they.

I am repeatedly comforting myself and I am afraid that I am creating a too-much comfort zone inside and around my life. Sigh.

Imaginary inner voice:  “Just go back focused to work Wahyu and get another Outstanding appraisal like last year!” 🙂


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