Offroad Oman 2013

I’ve just arrived from yet another driving trip across neighboring countries. This time was to Oman with a short break in UAE. The focus is on Offroad Oman; following in many cases routes suggested by Explorer Publishing’s Offroad Oman book.

I try to document this trip into travelogues but I don’t think they will be materialized until next week. I will be busy with acting Head of Loss Prevention Engineering then after office hours taking a full week 6-9pm free course on How to Invest in Stock Market by Faculty of Islamic Studies & Qatar Exchange.

Until next week, here are some interesting facts and figures from the trip:

Distance Covered: 3700km

Fuel Cost: 724 QAR (normalized to QAR assuming 1 QAR = 1 SAR = 0.1 OMR = 1 AED). Petrol with Super grade: Qatar 1 QAR/liter, Saudi 0.65 SAR/liter, UAE 1.6 AED/liter, Oman 0.120 OMR/liter)

Routes: Doha – Abu Dhabi – Ibri – Jibreen – Nizwa  – Jabal Shams – Al Hamra – Bahla – Wahiba Sand – Sur – Ras Al Jinz – Muscat – Nakhl/Rustaq – Sohar – Hatta – Dubai – Doha.

The 3,700km-route of Offroad Oman 2013
The 3,700km-route of Offroad Oman 2013

Objects Visited:

– Al Ayn Beehive tombs

– Jabal Shams

– wadi Al Nakhur

– Misfat Al Abryeen

– Nizwa Fort

– Falaj Daris, Nizwa

– Jibreen Castle

– Bahla Fort

– Wahiba Sand

– Ras Al Jinz Turtle Conserve

– Sur City

– Wadi Tiwi

– Sink Hole, Bammah

– Muscat City

– Nakhl Fort

– Wadi Bani Awf

– Hatta Pools

– Dubai City

Total Expenses: 9700 QAR (for a family of 4 for 7 nights 8 days trip including accommodation, meals, visas, attractions (mostly nature objects, free museums & parks, SEGA Republic – 160AED per person), fuel and transport, Oman souvenirs)

– Saudi Transit Visa: 150 QAR per passport
– Saudi Insurance: 100 SAR for 2 weeks
– UAE Visa (Ghweifat border; Abu Dhabi Emirate): 110 AED per passport
– UAE Insurance: 100 AED for 10 days
– Oman Visa: 5 OMR per passport
– Oman Insurance: 8 OMR for one week
– UAE Visa (Hatta border; Dubai Emirate): 185 AED per passport

– UAE Exit Visa: 35 AED per passport

Jibreen Hotel, Jibreen: 50 OMR per night (incl breakfast, free wifi)
Misfah Old House, Misfat Al Abryeen: 49 OMR per night (incl breakfast, dinner, 16% tax & service charge)
Turtle Beach Resort, Ras Al Hadd: 74 OMR per night (incl breakfast and dinner, 17% tax & service charge)
Midan Hotel Suites, Muscat: 98.1 OMR for two nights (incl breakfast and free wifi, kitchenette, 9% tax)
City Stay Hotel Apartment:1080 AED for two nights (inc free wifi, kitchenette, 20% tax & service charge)


5 thoughts on “Offroad Oman 2013”

    1. Thank you Nilesh. There is no change in the KSA border process. You may refer to my previous post.

  1. Hi Mr. Hidayat,

    Selamat siang untuk Anda,

    A very helpful guide, Thanks a lot,

    May I ask few questions,

    UAE Transit is available on border or I need to pre arrange it. Similarly what is the policy for Oman visit visa.

    How many days they allow to cross UAE if I get transit.


    1. Dear Farooq, UAE visa is available on border if you are resident in any GCC country and your profession is on the list. Visa policy is similar for Oman.

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