Why should I clear my own table?


It was a weird weekend where we went to home furnishings store just to have our dinner: yup…meat balls! We sat at one very clean table in a modern-minimalist-designed restaurant. I struck at a rhetoric question displayed on acrylic triangle on the table. Why should I clear my own table?

Yes, why should I?” , you may think; if I am in this country that cheap services are common; from petrol station attendant, groceries helper or foodcourt I-clean-your-mess helpers.

So I cleared my own table and then sat for quite a while…observing restaurant patrons if this question really works

…and (I was surprised) it did.

People follow what ‘suggested’ by the question. Are they doing it because others doing it? because it hits their bottom line (you should clear your table so that we can maintain our price low) or it is a polite thing to do? You won’t never see this in mall’s food courts nor in fast food restaurants.

Wonder if this sign is put in those places…..

Do you clear your own table?

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