Buying used items made easy

Well, if you are on Facebook, you probably have known this: Buy it sell it swap it Qatar (BISISIQ) Facebook group . As it stands today its member has reached 10,340. There is one reason why this group is popular: everyone everywhere is now on social media.

The group is basically intended for residents in Qatar to advertise items they want to sell or swap.  although it is also frequently used to advertise any yard sale or garage sale. The rules are simple. All Advertisers must give the Price expected in Qatar Riyals along with a brief description (or pictures) on the original post. All potential buyers MUST state “INTERESTED” or “NEXT” in a comment box to be considered for the sale of an item. Now, with everyone everywhere stays connected, “interested” can pop up in a mere second or minute. Late means lost unless you already stated your Interested or Next and the former potential buyers decided to pass.

I have made two buying and all experiences were exceptionally smooth. Viewed. Interested. Private message sent. Made an appointment. Done.

Before the rise of facebook-based buy-sell site, people rely on conventional modas for buying used items such as flea market (i.e. in Najma), notice boards, word-of-mouth of people leaving and making garage sale,  internal company online souq, and then community-based online sites such as free advertisement in Qatar Living. The only thing that does not exist in Qatar is a Cash Converter-type stores (or like BABE or Barbeku stores in Indonesia).

With the advancement of mobile internet and its cheap access, social media-based online flea market is inevitable.