For the laugh of football: 100% out 150% in

I have to admit that I don’t play football very well. Don’t talk about dribbling yet. I can only kick the ball out of attacked area 🙂

But not playing well is not a valid reason for missing a morning football session. When I say morning it’s really early morning. Well, just after sun rises. Miss a session and then I’ll miss the main attraction: Indonesian breakfast!

“Playing football is number 27. The number 1priority is the breakfast after”, said one of my friends. Indeed. Then a typical breakfast dish of Indonesia is what we aim for. Name it, we have them covered: nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodle), bubur ayam (chicken porridge), gudeg (young jackfruit soup), pempek (fish cake), or pecel (vegetable stew with peanut sauce). No rules who to provide…all by voluntary.

While playing football may take few calories, the breakfast will surely make it up, even much more. 100% (calories) out, 150% in. LOL. We end up getting fatter :)..though healthier..

With exceptions, most players are in their late 30-s or early 40-s. What’s happening is then the ball goes faster than our run, our laugh is louder than our actions, and friendship can only go bolder.

This two hours of laughing, joking, exercising, and exchanging rumours is why we always want a weekend to come faster. And this also what makes living in Doha more enjoyable..


100% out 150% in :)
100% out 150% in 🙂


An offer you can't resist
An offer you can’t resist