.: ramadan notes 1 : mysterious iftar package

“Whoever gives food to a fasting person with which to break his fast, he will have the reward equal to his (the fasting person), without it detracting in the slightest from the reward of the fasting person.”

In Ramadan, Moslems try to reap as much rewards as they can, including rewards from giving iftar for breaking the fast. I was going home from a non-work related meeting when I saw a plastic bag hanging at the door knob. Alhamdulillah, an iftar package for this lonely fasting man – (a local bachelor,  husband who stays in town due to work circumstances while his family is away/has been sent back home). The package is so generous that its leftover can still be consumed for my suhoor.

I don’t know who sent this, for sure one of my complete neighbor. It is not uncommon for me during any ramdan local bachelor time yet this attention and good deeds flattered me.  May Allah give you the equal reward of fasting person. Jazzakallah.