.: ramadan notes 3: nocturnal sauna

Completing Taraweh Prayer, I was in Souq Waqif, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves, sipping iced mocca latte along with other local bachelors. Fortunately one table inside air conditioned shop was available. Cool enough to beat sauna-like weather outside. We went only outside to accommodate smokers within our group and then sauna comes. It’s probably around 34 deg C but humidity has already risen to maximum 84% that we’re dewy. Phew! It’s come now a period of hot and humid. Hot may be bearable especially for long time residents like me (5 years huh!), but hot and humid? Suffocating, sweaty. On positive side at least we can reduce our weight, said my friend.

It was around 10pm and people started flocking the souq. Until we left at midnight, the area were still boisterous. Even on the roads!

During Ramadan, life in Qatar is really upside down. The city turns to nocturnal. It is buzzing at night (some stores close at 1 am!) and hibernating during the day (don’t expect stores to open before 4pm)