How to best describe Taipei, the capital of Taiwan? A fusion is probably my best bet. The fusion of ancient Chinese cultures, high technology and modern pop culture.

I was sent here since last August , to help with Laffan Refinery 2 Project, for process safety review of detailed engineering, or to be precise a part of HAZOP/SIL Studies team.

While my day-to-day will be extremely busy, with sessions running 8am – 6pm everyday for almost 11 weeks, I promise myself to at least sample and take from Taipei a better understanding how is it like to be Taipeiers, what this dynamic city has to offer, and a unique experience of living in a foreign soil.

I have already 800 pictures from my last three weeks navigating on of the world best mass transportation system, watching people of Taipei on their daily routines, hopping from one museum to another, immersing with the crowd in night markets, riding the fastest elevator in the world, learning the history of status-quo country of Taiwan and hiking the city greenery that offers magnificent vistas. I’ll be back!