2015 Egypt Trip: Day 4 – Tahrir, Cairo – Luxor, Karnak Show


LuxorEastBank (4)
Karnak’s Sound and Light Show is our highlight for Day 4

Today is our fourth day in Egypt. Our plan is to fly out of Cairo to Luxor, a city frequently characterized as the world’s greatest open air museum .


We had until 10am in the morning before we checked out from Novotel. Not long before we’re ready for a short walk across Tahrir Bridge. It was Saturday, traffic was expectedly low and quiet, and the weather was so pleasant. We leisurely walked on the bridge that spanning around 360m over the river Nile, down to Tahrir Square, and then back to the hotel. A good 30-min walking exercise before good breakfast at Novotel.


The flight to Luxor is only one hour. Egypt Air offers multiple flights daily (starts from 500 QAR return) including ones early in the morning from Cairo and late evening from Luxor; making Luxor as a quick weekend escape.

We stopped-by briefly at Wisma Nusantara Cairo for storing our luggages – we would stay here for two days upon our return from Luxor. This hostel is currently managed by the Indonesian students in Al Azhar University. From its guestbook it can be easily noticed that it’s a favorite among Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei visitors and it’s received positive feedbacks. Apart from the hostel, Wisma Nusantara hosts a rentable hall, offices for the Islamic activities as well as accommodations for its management. It may worth your consideration when you are planning to visit Cairo, so you can contribute to its sustainability. Its close location to Ganena Mall, KFC and QNB ATM and a short drive from the airport is also an added plus.

Wisma Nusantara

8th Wahran, Rabea El Adawea – Nasr City

Telp: (20) 2 -22609228
Hp. +201114410422
WhatsApp : +201151046377
Email : Wismanusantaracairo@gmail.com


Luxor is  a laid back small city, at the opposite contrast to chaotic Cairo. Its population (currently about half a million) is heavily dependent upon tourism. However, large numbers of people also work in agriculture such as sugar cane (clearly visible during the balloon ride and from a short ride from the airport to the city center).

Twenty minute van ride from the airport saw us Nefertiti Hotel , a small budget hotel where its affordable price doesn’t correlate with its strategic location and very excellent staff services; winning accolades from TripAdvisor. Tucked away in the entrance to Luxor Market, Nefertiti also offered an excellent restaurant and incomparable rooftop seating area, overlooking Avenues of the Sphinxes, the Nile and the Theban Hills on the West Bank.

Via the hotel (who also manages Aladin Tours),  we’ve booked one-and-half-day tour in Luxor; starting from Karnak Sound and Light Show at 7pm, and then balloon ride and the West Bank in the morning and Karnak Temple in the afternoon.


The sun has just set on the horizon with the Nile and the Theban Hills as backdrops; providing one of the unforgettable memories of sunset watching ever. Still enough time before we would be picked up for the Show in Karnak Temple, we chose to have early dinner in the rooftop; tasting what Egyptian Authentic Bedouin cuisines like. Camel meat dish, Egyptian style omelette, mixed grill, and umm ali were probably representable

The Show, in English, starts at 7pm. Karnak Temple is located about 3km north of Luxor city center. In the past, and we can see it today, Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple are connected by the Avenue of the Sphinxes. Some 1,350 sphinx statues are thought once to have flanked the path. Unfortunately this path is not well maintained the way I see it.

The show, which last for about one and half an hour, tells the history of Thebes and of the Pharaohs who built, extended the temple. Images of the Pharaoh were projected on the temple wall, accompanied by narration of the history of Luxor and the temple. Looking at the massive, grand temple in the dark, illuminated by the light of full moon above us seemed to throw us centuries or thousands years ago. The magical feeling of walking side-by-side to the floodlit 134 gigantic columns inside the Hypostyle Hall  was indescribable.

Upon passing through the fallen obelisk (one of the three remaining obelisks in Egypt), visitors were escorted to seating areas by the Sacred Lake for the final history-telling show. That made up our fourth day!

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CairoTahrirBridge (7)
Walking down and up Tahrir Bridge in the weekend morning was enjoyable


CairoTahrirBridge (2)
Tahrir Bridge is popular for strolling.


CairoTahrirBridge (1)
On Tahrir Bridge with Novotel and Cairo Tower


CairoTahrirBridge (5)
At the eastern end of Tahrir Bridge
CairoTahrirBridge (3)
On Tahrir Bridge that spanning 360m over the river Nile


Cairo (33)
On Tahrir Square with Egyptian Museum as a background
Cairo (36)
The view you’ll see when crossing Tahrir Bridge



Cairo (10)
Neighborhood around Wisma Nusantara at Nasr City
Cairo (8)
A simple yet clean room at Wisma Nusantara
Cairo (11)
Wisma Nusantara is well-equipped; making it value-for-money accommodation



Cairo (42)
In front of Wisma Nusantara Cairo. On my left is our guide



Cairo (7)
Terminal 3 of Cairo International Airport


Luxor (11)
Luxor International Airport – Domestic Arrival


Luxor (12)
Luxor (10)
Mabad Al Karnak Street, Luxor, with The Abu el-Haggag mosque inside of the Luxor Temple
Luxor (15)
A room in Hotel Nefertiti, Luxor
Luxor (16)
View to Luxor Temple from the rooftop seating area of Hotel Nefertiti
Luxor (14)
When we opened our room we were entertained with this colorful architectural windows
Luxor (17)
Close-up view of Luxor Temple


From the rooftop of Hotel Nefertiti you can see the river Nile and the mountains of Valley of the Kings
Caleches or horse carriage in Luxor
Our favorite spot! Seating area overlooking the Luxor Temple and the Nile
Enjoy the breeze while waiting for our lunch to be served
Luxor (9)
Authentic Bedouin menu is available . Fancy for camel-meat soup?


Camel meat dish, Bedouin menu, served with cous cous and stewed vegetables
Luxor (20)
Umm Ali, a national dish of Egypt, is a raisin cake soaked in milk and served hot.
Luxor (24)
Egyptian-style omellete
Luxor (23)
Mixed grill served with vermicelli rice and stewed vegetables
Luxor (22)
Seating area at night
Luxor (21)
Seating area, the Nile, and The Theban Hills
Luxor (19)
Sunset in Luxor, when mosque and church are lighted-up
Luxor (18)
Ah, this is one of the best sunsets we’ve ever watched


Luxor Temple at night, with Avenue of the Sphinxes



Karnak Temple is beautiful at night with its carefully located lightings
LuxorEastBank (2)
Image of the Pharaoh is projected to the temple during the Light and Sound Show
LuxorEastBank (3)
Closeoup view of image projection during Karnak Sound and Light Show
LuxorEastBank (5)
Tried to throw yourself thousands years ago
LuxorEastBank (6)
Few of the columns in the hypostyle hall of Karnak Temple
LuxorEastBank (7)
Hieroglyphs carved neatly on the walls of Karnak Temple
LuxorEastBank (8)
The Sacred Lake