Baan Thai


Baan Thai (Source: Baan Thai)
Baan Thai (Source: Baan Thai)

Baan means House in Thai. This two-story restaurant is located in the suburb of Muaither, just opposite Aspire Park on the Furousiya Street. Do not underestimate its appearance from the outside of the building which shares the commercial row with McD, toy store, and minimarket. Baan Thai is sleek, clean, and modern, once we enter. It’s also spacious  although peppered with authentic Thai ornaments or accents throughout its both floors.

Not so long before one of the waitresses came to see us and handed us their menu. We’re overwhelmed. All looked so inviting that we took quite some time to decide. Finally we came up with this selection: tom yum goong (hot & sour tom yum soup with prawns, lemongrass lime juice and thai herbs), kai pad sub pa rod (chicken stir fried with pineapple), goong pad katriem (shrimp stir fried with garlic sauce), beef sautee, chicken fried rice, steamed rice, fish cakes, and thai ice tea.

The Thai fish cake, known as tod mun pla, is marvelous. They seems rightly spiced and herbed, and also not so soft not so hard. The seafood tom yum was a typical Thai taste if not on the sour side; too much lime?

The kids loved the fried rice and beef sautee, though the latter veered into oily and hard texture. They didn’t like the idea of pineapple married with chicken so that I’m responsible for most if not all the portions. Shrimp stir fried deserved our praise for its freshness and wonderfully spiced. Unfortunately, steam rice that accompanied our main courses was a bit hard.

We closed our dinner with Thai Ice Tea which we never regretted it’s chosen for its superb taste, if only it has a ready-made drink sachet for home.

Total damage? Check the last two pictures below.


Baan Thai Restaurant

Sun – Wed: 3pm – 11pm

Thu – Sat: 12noon – 11pm

Contact: 4029 8126, 33515591




Clean, sleek, modern interior in Baan Thai
Clean, sleek, modern interior in Baan Thai


Some are good some are not too bad
Some are good some are not too bad


Beef sautee
Stir fried chicken with pineapple
Shrimp with garlic sauce, fish cake and chicken fried rice
Tom Yum Goong
Thai Ice Tea
Baan Thai dining set
The second floor. Can accommodate a party or special function
The second floor. Can accommodate a party or special function