Karwa Taxi Fare

Flag fall (including first 500m)   QR4

Rate inside Doha – Day Time per km    QR1.2

Rate inside Doha – Night Time per km QR1.8

Rate outside Doha – All Day per km     QR1.8

Extra Tariff

Airport Pickup  QR18

Telephone Booking   QR4

Waiting time per 15 minutes (after 10 min)    QR8

More complete taxi tariff including limousine and VIP limousine are on Mowasalat website.

From Qatarliving: there are 3 types of karwa taxi fleets plying the roads of Doha:

1, Call center fleet – these are pre-booked via their call center number 458-8888.

2. Regular taxi fleet (driver wears Blue ID tag)- those that have stations/terminals in malls and other strategic locations around Doha. These taxis go by the meter.

3. Boundary taxi fleet (driver wears RED ID tag)- these drivers are on quota of QAR240 per day to be turned over at the end of their shift. These drivers sometimes doesn’t use the meter and sometimes would get passengers to fill up the taxi seats and charge per head (provided that all passengers are in the same route)


National Day 2009 through the lens

Some pictures from Qatar National Day 2009 celebrations.

Acrobatic Show during National Parade
Near Emir stage, Al Bidda Park
"Qatar camel force"
Military Show. Shown here Amiri Guard
I am mad about Qatar!

Doha skyline from near Orry, 18 Dec dusk
Projection onto Commercial Bank building
Classic car show. Circa 1960s
Don't be surprised with this. They even perform "sword dance" in the middle of the road causing traffic jams

Corniche Road that 18 Dec dusk
Fireworks Fireworks!

More complete pictures can be found in my Facebook photo album.

Fines for the misuse of water

Just few days ago I received a circular from Housing Department regarding the fines for the misuse of water. Actually this is yet another reminder.

Under Law No.28 of 2008 the misuse of water will now be punishable with fines ranging from QR1000 to QR10000 in accordance with the updated Law issued by HH the Emir SHeik Hamad bin Khaliga Al-Thani recently.

Using drinking (potable) water for washing vehicles or for cleaning of open areas in front of Buildings are among the violation that would attract the fines under Law No.28 of 2008.

The owners of buildings or tenants who fail to take measures to check the leakage of water shall be liable to pay fines as per Article 4 of the Law. (You must report all leaks to the respective maintenace section in your facility as soon as reasonably possible)

Those who do not switch off exterior lights in their buildings from 7am to 4pm shall be fined QR500. However, Article 7 of the law provdes for out-of court settlement in the event of litigation pertaining to the offences mentioned in Article 4.

Law enforcement officers from Kahramaa are permitted to check any premises if necessary and take punitive action according to Article 5 of the Law.

Washing of any vehicles shall henceforth be permissible only at designated places such as car wash and service stations. (The use of hose pipes and jet wash machines to wash cars in any provided accommodation is now against the law).

Report (FAO) says that It is estimated that Qatar aquifers will be depleted in 20 to 30 years at recent rates of groundwater withdrawal.

Shaikh Jassim – The Founder of Qatar

Shaikh Jasim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani
The Founder of Qatar
1242-1331 h, 1826 – 1913 c

On the 18th December every year, we celebrate our National Day to commemorate that historical day in 1878 when Shaikh Jasim, the founder of the state, succeeded his father Sheikh Mohammed Bin Thani in leading the country towards unity and foundation.

Born in 1242 h (1826 c), Sheikh Jasim was raised in Fowayret, north Qatar within the confines of his famous father Shaikh Mohammed Bin Thani. He was educated by religious clerks, learning the Qura’an, Shariaa and jurisprudence, along with equestrian, hunting and literature. Shaikh Jasim also shared his father in ruling the country.

In 1264 h, (1847c), Shaikh Jasim moved with his father to live in Al-Bidaa. He was only 21 when he emerged as a young leader amongst his peers, looking forward to the leadership, which was clearly shown when Qatar was exposed to invasion. Shaikh Jasim was leading the Qatari forces who defended Qatar, facing one of the bravest warriors in the Arab lands at that time and sending him to death after a thrilling battle.

After this battle, Jasim was the natural choice as Qatar’s first knight, a man who other knights supported and who gained the admiration and adoration from all the Qatar people.

The loyalty of Jasim’s comrades was high and it was clearly noticed by the British traveler William Belgrif when he met Shaikh Jasim in Qatar in 1862. Belgrif noted his impressions in his book which included his journey details in the middle and north of the Arab Island.

Belgrif noticed a phenomenon in the men surrounding the 35-year-old Jasim. It was the strong relation and tie which gathers around Jasim the hearts of his comrades who belong to different Qatari tribes. This phenomenon doesn’t only indicate the powerful personality of Jasem, but also the idea of unity in his thinking and attitude. This idea was clearly shown when he faced the various powers who wanted to get rid of Qatar and its people. That’s why the tribes supported him and came together united under his flag; so Qatar arose in the region as an independent entity.

Jasim spent 50 years leading his people in the midst of critical incidents and fierce battles with various powers who wanted to surround and control Qatar and the region. Those events, still well remembered by the people of Qatar, are glorious days in the history of Qatar which history can never forget.

When we remember the founder, we remember his bravery in facing the invaders and fighting them with pride, armed with strong belief in Allah. We also remember his rush to defend the oppressed with his people supporting him in facing injustice.

When Jasim was taken away from his country, his people fought for him and sacrificed their souls for him, and their blood was shed to release him, and we still remember their sufferings for his revenge.

When we remember Sheik Jasim’s invasions for the revenge of his son and the Qatari people, we remember his zeal for the sanctity of home and regaining its dignity, and revenge all who would invade or attack it. When we remember Al Wajba events, we remember the wisdom of the leader and his stability facing the superior numbers of Ottoman Wali because Allah helped him in defeating them while he was in all these incidents, the brave leader and wise negotiator.

When things settled down in the country, Jasim opened the door for it, allowing progress and prosperity. The trade became so prosperous, and Jasim built the mosques and schools, attracted scientists, printed jurisprudence books and distributed them among his people and in the neighboring countries, so he was philanthropist.

Jasim was the helper of the oppressed, releaser of the prisoners, mellower of the slaves. In all these, Jasim only seek the please of God, as he didn’t obey anyone but God in defending his homeland.

“He was one of the honored arabs, diligent to his duties and religious worship and prayer, of the increment people and well knowledge in religion, and he has a lot of charities,” Al-Alossi said about Jasim.

Jasim’s position raised high among people, just like what Sulaiman Al-dakhil said: “His word is well obeyed by the Arabs, well respected by the leaders and princes, he does what he says, always working for reforms, Allah always was with him to finish all his works.”

Qatar National Day is a national event to assure our identity and history, execute the ideals and visions which our nation was built on, to appreciate the men and women who contributed in building its facilities.

On 18th December each year, we commemorate how our national unity was achieved, and how we became a coherent strong country; after we were groups and tribes torn by different loyalties; invaded by different people and its societies always suffered from the lack of security and law.

On the 18th December we all remember the founder Shaikh Jasim Bin Mohammed, and we remember with him all his people who loved and trusted him, who appointed him their leader, promising to extend their obedience, so Jasim granted them loyalty and safety, delivering Qatar and its people to the twentieth century with pride and dignity.

(Source: ndqatar.com)

2009 National Day Celebrations

A schedule for 2009 Qatar National Day Celebrations is as follows:

Start, Camel competition under 18.
Darb Al saai
8 am-6-pm Saturday
Light show start. Cornish 4:30 pm-until Midnight Saturday
Camel competition under 18. Darb Al Saai
8 am-6-pm Sunday
Masela Race- Darb Al Saai 1-4 pm Sunday
Light show continue. Cornish 4:30 pm-until Midnight Sunday
Start, Camel dressage.
Darb Al saai
8am-6pm Monday
Maseal Race- Darb Al Saai (day 2) 1-4 pm Monday
Light show continue. Cornish 4:30 pm-until Midnight Monday
Finals Camel dressage.
Darb Al saai
8am-6pm Tuesday
Live performance by a Qatari artist
to be projected on
CBQ tower on Cornish
6-7pm Tuesday
Modernization and the preservation
of Traditions Symposium (Opening),
Sheraton Doha, Salwa Room
8-9:30 pm Tuesday
Student honoring night
5:30-7:30 pm Tuesday
Finals. Poetry Activity.
Qatar National Theater
7-10 pm Tuesday
Final Arda (Darb Al Saai) 8 am-12 noon Wednesday
Maseal Race- Darb Al Saai (Final) 1-4 pm Wednesday
Modernization and the preservation
of Traditions Symposium (Opening),
Sheraton Doha
Al maha Room
3:30-8:30 pm Wednesday
Projection of 133 drawings by students 6-7pm Wednesday
Poetry Night, Darb al Saai 8-11 pm Thursday
Live performance by a Qatari
artist to be projected on CBQ tower
on Cornish and kids drawings
4:30-midnight Thursday
Afternoon call of Prayers 2:26 pm Friday
National Parade
2:30:3:30 Friday
Classic car show. 4 pm Friday
kids drawings 4:30-midnight Friday
Sunset call of prayers 4:45 pm Friday
Old boats show. 5:15-5:45 pm Friday
Announcing the wining student 7-8 pm Friday
National songs on the Cornish
for preparation for the fire works
7:30- 8 pm Friday
Fireworks 8-8:17 pm Friday


All set for National Day celebrations <!–

Saturday, December 12, 2009–>
Web posted at: 12/11/2009 5:23:11
Source ::: The Peninsula DOHA: The final preparations are underway for Qatar’s high-profile National Day Celebrations beginning tomorrow. Filled with fun and activities, the event is set to become a fiesta for all. The State National Day Celebrations Organising Committee (SNDCOC) met yesterday to review the preparations. The committee is planning massive traffic diversion on the Corniche on the final day of the celebrations on December 18. During peak days of the celebrations, public would be advised to park their vehicles at a specially designated area and the organisers would arrange tranport service to the public to reach the Corniche, sources said. Though Corniche would be the major venue of the daily events, traditional cultural events would take place outside Doha. Darb Al Saai camp in Rayyan will host the traditional horse race, camel race and camel dressage from tomorrow until December 16. More than 400 participants including a few from Saudi Arabia have registered for these events. Special events for children and youth such as the National Day Children’s Painting Competition, Traditional Children’s Games and school Flag Raising Open Days have also been lined-up in the camp. The finals of traditional sword dance-Arda will be held at the camp on Wednesday. The camp will host an Arabic poetry night on December 17. On December 15, performance by a Qatari artist will be projected live on the CBQ tower on Corniche from 6pm to 7pm. A two-day symposium on Modernisation and the Preservation of Tradition will open at Doha Sheraton and final round of the poetry recitation competitions for Qataris will be held at the Qatar National Theatre on the same day. The grand finale would take place at the Corniche on December 18 marked by a number of events including the National Parade showcasing Qatar’s defence strength and weaponry. This will be followed by vintage car and boat shows. Qtel is the main sponsor of the event. Qatar Petroleum is the gold sponsor. “We all feel a sense of hope at our nation’s ongoing development, and a sense of pride of the strong foundations of Qatar’s tradition and heritage,” said Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, Chairman, Qtel. “In sponsoring this important event, Qtel is doing its part to bring the community together to share the message of solidarity, loyalty and pride in Qatar.” “As a proud Qatari corporation with international reach, QP is happy to be a part of this exciting and unique event as Gold Sponsor of Qatar National Day 2009” said QP Public Relations and Communications Manager Sultan Al Abdullah.

Event Map 2009 Qatar National Day Celebrations (Source: ndqatar.com)




One Year Lookback

26 November 2009 marks my first year in Qatar. As when I departed to Qatar a year ago with some personal and career objectives, it is now the time to lookback how far have I gone.

I still remembered the difficult days, that first one or two month, when I was filled with anxiety over the decision I’ve taken. Was it the correct decision I took? And when I lookback, it might be one of the best decision I’ve taken (others being a decision to pursue a master degree in Singapore, and married a wonderful woman). As the time progressed, I acquired the equilibrium, settled the life, and catched with the pace of life and work here.

On the personal objectives, I set three objectives:

1. Pay visits to Holy Land: one Hajj and one Umrah – Hajj done this year. Umrah planned next two years. (50%)

2. Travelled to GCC countries, Jordan, one of the African countries, and Europe: travelled to UAE, Oman, and Saudi. Jordan is planned in 2011, while Europe is planned 2012. Bahrain and one of the African countries (most probably Egypt) are planned in 2010.

3. Pay all installments in Indonesia, and reach certain amounts of savings: All installments is paid. Savings yet to achieve (40% to target)

On the career objectives, I set another 3 objectives:

1. Acquire knowledge on LNG, and gas industries. In progress (I can say 30%)

2. Being promoted to Lead Engineer. Not yet. My goal is by the third year. Otherwise I need to review if is it my mistake or company mistake?

3. Certified in one of the professional institution. Target in 2010 either CSP (Certified Safety Professional) or NEBOSH Fire and Risk Assessment Certificate.

So overall, I can say that I meet 27.5% of the target. It’s quite behind the target considering all objectives to be achieved within 3 years (my original plan is to stay at least 3 years, by then I will review with my family if we should prolong our stay). In the next following years more targets to be met, more hard work required in order to be going home with all objectives in hand! Wish me luck.