DTFF 2009 Opening Night

Some pictures from Doha Tribeca Film Festival 2009 Opening Night, Qatar Museum of Islamic Art, 29 October 2009.

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Doha Tribeca 01
Open air film screening area before the show begins


Doha Tribeca 12
Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra in action


Doha Tribeca 24
Keluarga Wahyu on deck chairs


Doha Tribeca 18
Amelia - an aviation pioneer biopic, the latest Mira Noir's work. Screened in DTFF as the Middle East premiere


Doha Tribeca 19
Fireworks concluded the opening night

Berani Bermimpi

“Kuberi tahu satu rahasia besar padamu Kawan

Buah paling manis dari berani bermimpi

Adalah kejadian-kejadian menakjubkan

Dalam perjalanan menggapainya”

(“Mimpi-mimpi Lintang, by Andrea Hirata)

Berada di sini. Semuanya berawal dari mimpi. Mimpi akan bekerja di luar. Mimpi travelling ke daerah-daerah baru. Mimpi menyekolahkan anak ke international school. Mimpi meningkatkan taraf hidup.

Tapi bukan sekedar mimpi. Melainkan  tujuan yang harus dicapai, dengan perencanaan dan motivasi mencapainya. Dalam perjalanan menuju ke sini dan selama berada di sini, aku meyakini kebenaran frasa di atas mengenai kejadian-kejadian menakjubkan yang mengiringinya. Tak selalu manis, bahkan bisa sangat pahit. Tapi itulah buah termanis dari keberanian bermimpi untuk bisa berada di sini!

“Bermimpilah dan Tuhan akan memeluk mimpi-mimpi kita” (Arai)

—– English ———-

“Let me tell you a great secret my friend

The sweetest fruits of daring to dream 

Are amazing events

In pursuit of the dream”

( “Lintang’s Dreams, by Andrea Hirata)

Being in here. It all started from a dream. The dream to work overseas. The dream to travel to new areas. The dream to send children to international school. The dream of improving standard of living .

But it’s not just a dream. But a goal that should be achieved, with the planning and motivation to achieve. On the journey to here and while being here, I believe the truth of the above phrases about the amazing events that accompanied. Not always sweet, even very bitter. But that’s the sweetest fruit of the courage to dream to be here!

“Dream and the Lord will embrace our dreams” (Arai)

Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Just about a week to Doha Tribeca Film Festival, October 29 – Nov 1, 2009!


From its website:

The Doha Tribeca Film Festival will offer an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate cinema, culture, education and community in Qatar. Established and emerging filmmakers, entertainment industry luminaries and the Qatari community will come together in Doha, Qatar’s capital, to take part in an exciting cultural exchange of ideas.

From October 29 to November 1, 2009, filmmakers and shakers from around the world will be welcomed to the stunning festival hub, the year-old Museum of Islamic Art (MIA).

In our launch year, DTFF is curating a program slate of 30 feature films, highlighting internationally acclaimed Arab films, plus the best of Hollywood, Bollywood, family films, documentaries, animation and world cinema.

Although we’re not a competition festival this year, DTFF will host an exciting awards ceremony and filmmaker prizes on closing night.

We’re also seriously committed to all year round film appreciation and education. During the festival itself, public workshops and panels will create a unique experience.

While most of the DTFF film festival action will take place at the Museum of Islamic Art and its vast grounds, the cinema buzz will extend to Souk Waqif, hotspot hotels such as the W and Four Seasons, and other choice venues around Doha.

DTFF is a unique partnership between Qatar Museum Authority (QMA) and New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. On QMA’s side is Chair, Her Excellency Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, QMA’s CEO Abdulla Al Najjar and DTFF Executive Director Amanda Palmer. On Tribeca’s side, are the festival founders, acclaimed Hollywood producer Jane Rosenthal, entrepreneur Craig Hatkoff, and iconic actor, Robert De Niro.

While uniquely Qatari in its identity, DTFF is modeled on the success of Tribeca Film Festival’s dedication to engage the local community and promote and support filmmaking talent.

Visit us regularly at DohaTribecaFilm.com to find a captivating and continually updated collection of videos, photographs and stories about our filmmakers, burgeoning film community, regional workshops and more. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.

Buying a Ticket


1. Visit our film guide and our schedule to pick the films you want to watch.

2. Register for a BLUE BADGE.

3. Visit our box offices at the Cinema center on the 3rd floor of City Center, the Souk, or the Museum of Islamic Art to buy your tickets.

All ticketed events: QR 30 (or just QR 10 each when you present your BLUE BADGE).

Buy your tickets and register for a BLUE BADGE at any of these locations!

Grand Cinecentre Box Office and City Centre, West Bay
Friday, October 16 – Thursday, October 29
Saturday-Thursday:      12:00pm-10:00pm
Friday:                           2:00pm-10:00pm

Museum of Islamic Art Box Office
(located in the museum atrium)

Friday, October 16 – Thursday, October 29
Saturday-Monday:           10:30am-5:30pm*
Wednesday-Thursday:     10:30am-5:30pm*
Fridays:                            2:00pm-8:00pm
(Closed on Tuesdays)

* MIA front gates close at 4:45 PM

The DTFF Mobile Box Office

From Friday, October 16, to Sunday, November 1, the DTFF bus — which features our Mobile Box Office — will be selling tickets throughout Doha.
Check out the DTFF bus schedule to know where the bus will be parked in the coming days

Zikreet and Dukhan Beach

 Zikreet Beach coordinate: 25 28’20.6″N 50 50’51.0″E

(follow a tarmac road from Zikreet Interchange for about 3-4 km), turn left to any track you wish leading to the beach.)

At Zikreet Beach (about 3-4 km off Doha -Dukhan Highway)
At Zikreet Beach (about 3-4 km off Doha -Dukhan Highway)
At Dukhan Beach (beside Dukhan Sailing Club, behind QP Administration Area)
At Dukhan Beach (beside Dukhan Sailing Club, behind QP Administration Area)

 Dukhan Beach coordinate: 25 24’55.6″N 50 45’31.5″E

(approaching Dukhan take a side road to the right – with McD and commercial complex at your right), enter roundabout, go straight,follow a sign to Dukhan Beach, enter roundabout and take a right turn, from here the beach is about 2.8km. FOllow the beach sign, go straight to the next 2 roundabouts passing QP Office/Admin Area, at the third roundabout near the beach you can either turn right to take your car into sandy area, or turn left to a sideroad parking area before Dukhan Sailing Club. The beach after this club is also worth trying)

Dukhan Beach (cars can enter beach area although sideroad parkings are available)
Dukhan Beach (cars can enter beach area although sideroad parkings are available)


Dukhan Beach
Dukhan Beach

Umm Bab

Umm Bab is the capital city of the municipality of Jariyan al Batnah in Qatar, located 25 km south of Dukhan. Because the municipality is located in the south of the country, it is the only municipality that borders foreign territory (Saudi Arabia). Domestically, Jariyah al Batnah borders the following municipalities: Al Jumaliyah – north, Ar Rayyan – northeast, and Al Wakrah – east. To the west, the municipaly borders with The Persian Gulf.

Road to Umm Bab (taken just after Dukhan)
Road to Umm Bab (taken just after Dukhan)

From Dukhan, Umm Bab is 25 km to south accessed through an excellent road passing many Qatar Petroleum (QP) onshore oil facilities. Along the road are many local road accesses to QP fields or stations. Speed limit is 100km however no speed cameras are installed. Photography and video are prohibited along the road, so there isn’t so much I can offer in regards to how the road looks.

If you follow through Dukhan – Umm Bab to the south, you will reach Salwa Road (after about 37 km from Umm Bab) leading to Bu Samra Qatar/Saudi borders. Another road is linking Umm Bab to Doha southeasterly to (again) Salwa Road for 39 km.

With estimated population is estimated at 6,300 in 2004, there aren’t so much to explore in Umm Bab. Cement Factory (Qatar National Cement Company) is the most prominent landmark in Umm Bab. The factory is located at the left side of the road from Dukhan, can be accessed through a roundabout and an underpass.

Umm Bab Cement Factory on the left
Umm Bab Cement Factory on the left
Cement Factory
Cement Factory
Umm Bab village is opposite of cement factory
Umm Bab village is opposite of cement factory

Other landmark is Palm Tree Beach, named after the small cluster of palm trees at the end of the road alongside the small breakwater.

Umm Bab literally means Bab’s Mother.

Coordinate: 25 12’20.54”N 50 48’04.49”E

Zikreet Fort ruins

This fort ruin lies on the Zikreet beach, some 6 km off Doha – Dukhan highway. To reach this fort, follow Doha – Dukhan Highway until you see Zikreet interchange sign, about 7 km before Dukhan. Turn right and follow 5.5-km asphalted road (measured from roundabout at turnoff) straight all the way to a village (marked by a mosque on the left and Arabic tents on the right). Continue your driving beyond asphalted road and follow any one of the (desert) tracks that lead you to the fort ruins. The ruins are located about 100-200m from the shore.

Coordinate: 25 29’24.3″N 50 50’40.0″E

Doha - Dukhan Highway (showing turnoff to Zikreet sign)
Doha - Dukhan Highway (showing turnoff to Zikreet sign)
Zikreet Fort ruins (view toward desert)
Zikreet Fort ruins (view toward desert)
Zikreet Fort ruins signage
Zikreet Fort ruins signage
Zikreet Fort ruins
Zikreet Fort ruins
Zikreet Fort ruins
Zikreet Fort ruins
Wahyu the explorer!
Wahyu the explorer!