Saved by the distance

Just got a nearmiss two days ago. Eyes on the road, hard braking and safe following distance saved me from otherwise a potential car accident of hitting a car in front of mine. Spaced nearly by one meter. Fortunately the guy at the back swerved his car to the right and I was relieved from being rear ended. It seems that one driver took an abrupt change and the following drivers had to apply sudden brake. I’ve seen many accidents of this type during my almost 7 years in Qatar (good examples could be those happened many times on a Al Gharafa Flyover). Really, I can emphasize enough the importance of safe following distance. The distances vary depending on what speed you are travelling, what conditions you are driving in and what type of vehicle you are driving. In most cases, a safe following distance is much greater than a car length. In general a driver in a car should drive at least two seconds behind the vehicle in front in ideal conditions. In poor conditions (dust, fog, rain) the distances should be increased. The thing here in Qatar is if you give a (two-second) space it is highly likely that somebody will fill in the spot. But for the sake of your own safety, ignore it and make another two-second space.