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For the laugh of football: 100% out 150% in

I have to admit that I don’t play football very well. Don’t talk about dribbling yet. I can only kick the ball out of attacked area 🙂

But not playing well is not a valid reason for missing a morning football session. When I say morning it’s really early morning. Well, just after sun rises. Miss a session and then I’ll miss the main attraction: Indonesian breakfast!

“Playing football is number 27. The number 1priority is the breakfast after”, said one of my friends. Indeed. Then a typical breakfast dish of Indonesia is what we aim for. Name it, we have them covered: nasi goreng (fried rice), mie goreng (fried noodle), bubur ayam (chicken porridge), gudeg (young jackfruit soup), pempek (fish cake), or pecel (vegetable stew with peanut sauce). No rules who to provide…all by voluntary.

While playing football may take few calories, the breakfast will surely make it up, even much more. 100% (calories) out, 150% in. LOL. We end up getting fatter :)..though healthier..

With exceptions, most players are in their late 30-s or early 40-s. What’s happening is then the ball goes faster than our run, our laugh is louder than our actions, and friendship can only go bolder.

This two hours of laughing, joking, exercising, and exchanging rumours is why we always want a weekend to come faster. And this also what makes living in Doha more enjoyable..


100% out 150% in :)
100% out 150% in 🙂


An offer you can't resist
An offer you can’t resist



Doha 23rd International Book Fair

Few shots from a recent visit to Doha 23rd International Book Fair. The fair is held from 12 Dec to 22 Dec 2012 at Doha Exhibition Center. We found that majority of stands are offering Arabic books,  not surprising. Only few English book stands (less than 5?) present and they are among hundreds of stands from many participating countries particularly from Middle East.

There are special participation from Embassy of the USA, French Embassy, Japan Foundation. Kinokuya also presents with its cosplay and famous animation figure such as Naruto. Other stands include computer and gadget accessories.

If you’re lucky you can grab a boxy paper trolley for free to help you carry your book shopping. The trolley is distributed intermittently at the information desk.

Apart from stands there are also a stage, and book review room.

Although this is a book fair, I am surprised to see that the book price is not necessarily cheaper.

It may be worth visited and if you are non-Arabic reader don’t expect too much though.

Thanks to the book fair organizer at least for making this fair happen and to Blackberry for the camera 🙂

2012 Doha 23rd International Book Fair
2012 Doha 23rd International Book Fair
Faiq and Fathan tried to spot English book stands
Faiq and Fathan tried to spot English book stands
One of the stands from abroad
One of the stands from abroad
Fathan enjoyed browsing books
Fathan enjoyed browsing books
A stand from Embassy of France
A stand from French Embassy
A stand from Japan
A stand from Japan
Kinokuniya and Cosplay
Kinokuniya and Cosplay
Fathan with book trolley
Fathan with book trolley
Happy Fathan brings home lots of books
Happy Fathan brings home lots of books

All Eyes on COP18

The word “COP18” is probably the most spoken or written word in the media during the last few weeks and another two weeks as Qatar is hosting the largest conference it ever hosts. I am trying not to be bothered, but like or not, small or big, it starts affecting my (our) life in Doha, at least for several weeks.

One is additional traffic and overcrowding at popular areas. Luckily I am working in Ras Laffan and living in North Doha, still tough, when there is a need to go to downtown or to city center, additional minutes due to traffic or longer commute is a certainty. During this time, small Doha experiences large influx of visitors to already crowded tourist puller areas: Souq Waqif, MIA, Corniche, Katara, and malls. Probably it’s the best time to venture out of Doha…

Second, the theme is no stranger to me. GHG, Kyoto Protocol, climate change, CDM, carbon footprint, flaring, emissions, CO2, and all sort of things. I was Head of Student Nature Lover Group in the university. I participated in two-week long Nature Conservation Camp. I organized environment seminar.I made countless national park/mountain/outdoor expedition. And I am environmentalist by principle although I am working as a process safety engineer. At work, I got involved in environmental impact assessment for the project and delivered some environmental program. Recently, I am involved in flare purge gas reduction and jetty boil-off gas project. So, I can’t make myself blind and ignorant.

Third, Doha is what I call it home now. What happens to Doha, again, I can’t put myself blind and pretend not to be bothered. At least I should learn to practice the renown Arabian hospitality. Guest is to be served. So, those 17,000 or more visitors are our honored guests. How to serve? Hmm…let me think 🙂

Fourth, here and there I must have met with one of those 17,000 (Doha is small, isn’t it). COP18 may be the chance to see a mini UN somehow.Didn’t I mention that Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of the United Nations will come to Doha during COP18? I just hope that I get flash of him 🙂

Fifth, I must drive (I’d rather take bus) to Ras Laffan a bit earlier, as minutes later, I may be caught in the very long queue line to enter Ras Laffan City. Security is made tougher and more stringent with more frequent checks.

Sixth, many events organized as sidelines to the conference. From Qatar Sustainability Expo, to DFI screening to march. At least it offers a variety to our Qatar life.

Seventh, Indonesia sends its delegates to COP18 and has arranged Indonesian Climate Change Day on the 1st and 2nd December 2012, La Cigale Hotel. I am thinking if I can support this by attending the event. Also, let me (I mean us) know if Indonesian delegates need our escort to go to dune or Inland Sea :). Free.

Welcome our COP18 delegates. Welcome to Doha. Enjoy!

Kampoeng Festival

Forwarded this info of Kampoeng Festival.

This is an Indonesian event organized by Rumah Kita (lit. Our Home, Ind.) – a non-profit charity organisation formed and run by Indonesian youth in Qatar. The event will be held in Al Khor Community on the 23rd of November 2012. It includes street festival featuring traditional dances/performances/carnival, traditional street hawkers, night markets, live bands and fashion show. A special performance will also be conducted in AKIS Amphitheater where all proceeds from 10QR tickets will go to charity.

For more information:

Facebook Rumah Kita

CFSP: Another Feather in My Cap

After waiting for almost 3 months, the long awaited result finally came today (21 Sep). I got certified in functional safety after passing an exam conducted on 29 June 2012, in UK. Prior to this exam, I took a 4-day course on the subject, managed and delivered by exida ( ) . I scored 39/40 points in multiple choice and 16/20 points in short answer questions; enough to pass 80% minimum points requirements to become certified in functional safety. It means I can bear the title CFSP (Certified Functional Safety Professional) title.

Alhamdulillah. Another feather in my cap. Thanks to Qatargas, our supervisor and manager, and my family for all your supports.

A brief intro about functional safety.

Functional Safety is the part of the overall safety of a system or a piece of equipment that depends on the system or equipment operating correctly in response to its inputs, include the safe management of likely operator errors, hardware failures, and environmental changes.

Functional Safety is achieved when every specified safety function is carried out and the level of performance required of each safety function is met. This is normally achieved by a process that includes the following steps as a minimum:

1. Identifying what the required safety functions are. This means the hazards and safety functions have to be known.

2. Assessment of the risk-reduction required by the safety function. This will involve a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assessment.

3. Ensuring the safety function performs to the design intent, including under conditions of incorrect operator input and failure modes. This will involve having the design and lifecycle managed by qualified and competent engineers carrying out processes to a recognised functional safety standard. In Europe, that standard is IEC EN 61508, or one of the industry specific standards derived from IEC EN 61508 (i.e 61511 for process industries)

4. Verification that the system meets the assigned SIL

5. Conduct functional safety audits to examine and assess the evidence that the appropriate safety lifecycle management techniques were applied consistently and thoroughly in the relevant lifecycle stages of product.

The Certified Functional Safety Expert program helps individuals gain the knowledge and skills to become recognized experts in the application & design of safety systems.

The CFSE certification program entails both a review of the applicant’s experience and the satisfactory completion of a proficiency exam. Passing the CFSE exam requires a solid in-depth knowledge of functional safety. Many applicants choose to augment their existing skill set prior to the exam by attending one of the optional preparatory training classes offered by our partners.

Certification is provided in two levels; CFSE and CFSP. The CFSE is aimed at professionals where functional safety is a major part of their role in the organization. They are typically responsible for leading, coordinating, and reviewing the activities of the safety lifecycle, including the more complex activities such as SIL Selection and SIL verification. The CFSP is targeted at professionals where functional safety is a secondary role or they are expected to support safety lifecycle projects on an execution level.

safety lifecycle as per IEC 61508



Dine at Height – Three Sixty Revolving Restaurant, The Torch

Dine at Height at Three Sixty as we turn 12 🙂
Turning 12

We turn 12 this March. Ah…time flies. 12 years ago we tied the knot, and here we are today.

Three sixty restaurant – the first Qatar’s revolving restaurant – at The Torch Doha Hotel is our witness in commemorating our 12.

No children please.

Indicative cost:

Aqua Panna 1L, 30QR

1 Onion Soup, 36QR – recommended

1 Caesar Salad, 60QR – recommended

1 Australian Lamb Fillet, 150QR –

1 Veal Scallopini, 160QR

1 Apple Crumble, 38QR – recommended

1 World Cup 2022 (mixed juice), 32QR

[see the following pictures of the hotel, restaurant and the food]

The Torch Doha Hotel is built on what used to be 2006 Asian Games's Aspire Tower
The Torch Hotel - Lobby Area is decorated with Arabic calligraphy
Three Sixty Restaurant is located on the 47th floor of the tower
A complete rotation at Three Sixty takes about an hour and half. Seen here Khalifa stadium and Al Waab St.
Free basket of bread to start with
How they name this juice World Cup 2022, I don't know
If I were to return back I would definitely be back for this Cesar salad
Veal Scallopini
Lamb fillet
apple crumble for our dessert
Overall, though view from the floor is not optimum, Three Sixty may be in one of your top restaurant lists. Personal service is fine but quite on the slow side, it has excellent cesar salad and dessert. I'd skip or carefully choose main menu.